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Greetings. I backed up my iPhone 5 to iCloud a couple of times but didn't really understand it and mainly use iTunes. I was looking at 'manage storage' on my iPhone and see 2 iPhones and 1 of them says 'this iPhone' under it. Is the other one my old iPhone 4? How could i be sure before deleting it?


Also under documents and data i see some apps that i no longer use and when i click on a specific app, then edit i get the option to delete all. does this mean delete all of this specifc apps data, or all apps?


Finally, last time i did this icloud backup i lost a few of my recently added contacts. How can i backup to icloud again without this happening?


Thanks for any help.

Mac OS X (10.6.8), iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.3
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    The backup that says "this iPhone" under it is the backup of the phone you are holding.


    Delete All refers to deleting all synced app data for the specific app, not all apps.


    Backing up should never delete contacts from your device.  Can't really say how to prevent it since it should never happen in the first place.  (I backup 3 devices to iCloud daily and have never experienced this.)

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    Thanks, and to follow up-


    Would it be safe to delete the other iPhone back up? It's from my old one i traded in.


    As for the contacts, i just did an icloud backup and realized i didn't lose contacts, i just lost 'my info' in siri. Can you help with that?

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    If you no longer need to backup of your old phone, go ahead and delete it.  This will permanently delete it from iCloud (freeing up storage in your account), but will not do anything to the data on your phone.


    Not sure what your second question is.  If you need to set this again, go to Settings>General>Siri, tap My Info, navigate to your contact and tap it.

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    in my original question i said i thought i was losing contacts when backing up to icloud and you said that has not happened to you; then i realized it wasn't contacts i was losing it was just 'my info' in siri. since my info wasn't in siri anymore i thought it was the contact gone. thanks for your help, much appreciated.

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    You're welcome.