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Hi there,


Details on my Mac below. I'm signed into iCloud since it started and everything seems to sync fine except for documents. For some reason, when using certain apps which are supposed to sync documents to iCloud documents, it is not available. It tells me to set it up in iCloud and has the button available to open iCloud prefs in system preferences. However, iCloud is very much logged in correctly and Documents is checked properly (as are contacts and others). But these apps (such as Day One and others) are unable to see that iCloud is properly logged in.


I have absolutely no idea what's wrong. I don't use iCloud all that much for stuff, but it would be nice for it to be available. For some reason Byword actually does detect it fine and syncs properly. But some other apps do not.


Details: MacBook Pro unibody December 2011 running the latest Mountain Lion.


Any info would be very appreciated.


By the way, I have already tried logging out and logging back into iCloud to no avail. It did not reset the status in those apps. So I'm no longer sure as to what I should do.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7), Time Machine, External Drive