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I am experience the infamouns admin login loop on my late 2008 MBA.  Apple support couldn't help.  I am running OS X 10.7.5 and attempted to updgrade to Mountain Lion, but it consistently loops.  I attempted to add a new user, but still not luck.  I attempted to remove Cache and Launch Services in safe mode, but still having the problem.   I can follow directions, but it seems that what has worked for other looping issues is not working for me.  Needless to say, this has been going on for weeks.  My system needs updating, but I am unable b/c the loop brings everything back.  HELP!  

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    Never had this issue, but what I would do in your case is to move /Library/Preferences folder :


    - As you made an update to 10.8, system files have been replaced so it's not a system coruption.

    - As you have this problem on 2 separate users, it's not a homedir or account problem.


    Try to boot in single mode, (cmd s) then mount the drive (mount -uw /) then rename the Preferences folder (mv /Library/Preferences /Library/Preferences.old) then reboot (reboot)


    If it doesn't solve the problem, backup your data, format the drive, reinstall the system and applications and then restore your home dir