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Macbook Pro 2010 15" 2.66GHz Intel Core i7

So this is my miserable situation:

Last night I dropped my Mac on right bottom corner (unfortunately where hard-drive is located).

After this the device makes a jerking/clicking sound from right bottom corner which is most definately the hard-drive. I was able to use the device for a minute and then it froze. After a hard-reset the device got stuck on the apple logo while the wheel was spinning, waiting for a while, I got no response so I did another hard-reset and since then the only thing I was able to see was the grey screen with no logo.

I am aware that I need to replace the HDD but I have critical information to be backed up. So I discussed the issue with a friend of mine who is an expert in these situations and he told me to try to repair the drive with Disk Utility and if it did not work I have to boot into DiskWarrior 4.4.

About an hour after the incident I tried these:

Holding Option after chime allowed me to enter Recovery Mode. I tried this 4 times and these are the results I got:

First Time: The recovery screen showed "Macintosh HD" and "Recovery HD" with the chance to choose a network to connect to. Mistakenly I hard-reseted again since I did not know how to proceed.

Second Time: This time the only option on recovery screen was "Internet Recovery" and apparently the device did not recognize my hard-drive anymore.

Third Time: I had the options to do an "Internet Recovery" or "EFFY or IFFY Something (I don't remember clearly)"

Forth Time: I tried Internet Recovery yet received a -2002F error.

Last Time: I tried Internet recovery, was able to access Disk Utility. Proceeded to do a "repair" and got "Invalid Node Structure" error. While the Disk Utility was attempting to rewrite B-tree the Macintosh HD drive disappeared from left side and everything froze. I attempted another hard-reset until now.


At the moment: I borrowed a copy of DiskWarrior from a friend mine. I attempted to hold C after chime, I got no result even though I waited for approximately ad hour. Then I tried to access it through Recovery Mode. So I held option for a lengthily time and no result! Force-ejected the disk. Tried to access Recovery Mode by itself again and after 10-12 attempts I cannot manage to access it from gray screen.

I know I have to hold the C or Option key after the chime. I know that I have to "hold" it. I know how to operate these. This is not my issue. It just doesn't work.


I would highly appreciate if an expert can guide me through this.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    I would make an appointment at an Apple store.

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    I can do that. Though I don't think they will backup my previous information since my HDD has physical damage. And I do not have an issue replacing it. Also I've been there before multiple times for my graphics card issue (very common with the model I have) and they have never been helpful. I would like to figure out why something that worked last night does not work now. I also assume Lion's Internet Recovery is not dependent on the hard drive. Even if it is and because of that I cannot use option+reboot. Why C+reboot does not work with any disk? (DiskWarrior and Mac OSX Install DVD).


    Thanks for the reply though, I appreciate it.

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    I just tried an external USB keyboard and still no luck.

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    Hi j,


    You can try FireWire Target Disk Mode http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=58583

    though I doubt it will work with a dead/near dead HD. Depending on what has been damaged, a professional data retrieval service may be able to salvage some data; look up data retrieval in yellow pages or online. When you talk to them, make sure you're sitting down as their service is extremely expensive. IIRC, some won't charge you unless they can actually retrieve data. IIRC.


    As for the MBP itself, it sounds like you know what you're doing, and putting a new HD should tell you if it was just the HD problem, or if there is additional damage.


    Good luck to you.

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    Due to lack of utilities I am unable to use FireWire technique. Do you have any suggestions as to why the keyboard shortcuts that used to work don't work anymore since they were functional even after the damage?

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    joemoehobo wrote:


    Due to lack of utilities




    HD was slowly dying at that point, so it worked periodically. If the damage is what I suspect, the heads are "scraping" the disks/platters, damaging it more with every revolution until it wouldn't work at all. I suspect that is the reason. It may also be further physical damage.

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    I will remove the disk in this case. Thanks for the info.

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    Btw do you have any suggestions for an HDD replacement? 2.5 500GB 7200RPM. Thanks again

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    Check with OWC - I really like the HGST drives...



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    joemoehobo wrote:


    Btw do you have any suggestions for an HDD replacement? 2.5 500GB 7200RPM. Thanks again


    It's kind of a personal preference thing. Ford or Chevy? Honda, Toyota or Subaru? One is not necessarily "better" than the other, and things change with new models of HDs. Right now, I'm partial to Western Digital Blacks and their five year warranties, but I suspect you'd be satisfied with any brand. Check out MacSales, Newegg and Amazon. Check out the ratings and read some reviews.

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    So I finally got it fixed. The malfunction of Option key during boot was related to corrupted/damaged hard drive. Removed the old HDD, plugged in new now and viola...! All worked out even though my old data is lost.

    Backup your stuff people.


    Thanks everyone