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Macbook Pro 2010 15" 2.66GHz Intel Core i7

So this is my miserable situation:

Last night I dropped my Mac on right bottom corner (unfortunately where hard-drive is located).

After this the device makes a jerking/clicking sound from right bottom corner which is most definately the hard-drive. I was able to use the device for a minute and then it froze. After a hard-reset the device got stuck on the apple logo while the wheel was spinning, waiting for a while, I got no response so I did another hard-reset and since then the only thing I was able to see was the grey screen with no logo.

I am aware that I need to replace the HDD but I have critical information to be backed up. So I discussed the issue with a friend of mine who is an expert in these situations and he told me to try to repair the drive with Disk Utility and if it did not work I have to boot into DiskWarrior 4.4.

About an hour after the incident I tried these:

Holding Option after chime allowed me to enter Recovery Mode. I tried this 4 times and these are the results I got:

First Time: The recovery screen showed "Macintosh HD" and "Recovery HD" with the chance to choose a network to connect to. Mistakenly I hard-reseted again since I did not know how to proceed.

Second Time: This time the only option on recovery screen was "Internet Recovery" and apparently the device did not recognize my hard-drive anymore.

Third Time: I had the options to do an "Internet Recovery" or "EFFY or IFFY Something (I don't remember clearly)"

Forth Time: I tried Internet Recovery yet received a -2002F error.

Last Time: I tried Internet recovery, was able to access Disk Utility. Proceeded to do a "repair" and got "Invalid Node Structure" error. While the Disk Utility was attempting to rewrite B-tree the Macintosh HD drive disappeared from left side and everything froze. I attempted another hard-reset until now.


At the moment: I borrowed a copy of DiskWarrior from a friend mine. I attempted to hold C after chime, I got no result even though I waited for approximately ad hour. Then I tried to access it through Recovery Mode. So I held option for a lengthily time and no result! Force-ejected the disk. Tried to access Recovery Mode by itself again and after 10-12 attempts I cannot manage to access it from gray screen.

I know I have to hold the C or Option key after the chime. I know that I have to "hold" it. I know how to operate these. This is not my issue. It just doesn't work.


I would highly appreciate if an expert can guide me through this.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)