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I have many photos in my PowerBook G4 library. They are arranged in many folders. I have recently acquired another Mac using the same OS X 3.9. I have not been succesful in tgransfering my iPhoto library to the new computer. I did copy the entire library to an external drive and then copied it into the Pictures folder of the new computer. When I start iPhoto the new computer does not recognize the library.
Could somebody please tell me if there is a way around this?


PowerBook G4, Mac OS X (10.3.9)
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    Hi, PCG. Can you please elaborate a little on "When I start iPhoto the new computer does not recognize the library"? What does happen when you open iPhoto on the new Mac?

    Is there more than one iPhoto Library folder in the Pictures folder on the new Mac? Are you sure you put the copied Library into your own Pictures folder on the new computer? (The latter question only applies if there are two or more users defined on the new Mac.)

    Do both computers contain the same version of iPhoto, or does the new one contain a newer iPhoto version?
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    Hello EWW:
    Before telling you more about my problem, allow me to make three comments:
    1) I have never been a member of a discussion forum and am amazed that somebody (you) took an interest in my problem. Thanks a lot!
    2) I have been a PC person all my life. The reason I now have 2 Macs is that I inherired them when my son was killed in an airplane accident a short while ago. Although I have learned a lot about the Macs I will need a lot of TLC to get up to speed.
    3) I use the notebook primarily for internet access and I intend to use the desk top unit for photography. I just acquired a copy of Photoshop CS2 for it.

    Here is the background you requested about:

    1) Both computers run iPhoto 2.0.1. {Is it worthwhile upgrading?}
    2) On the laptop the file “Pictures” contains a single file which is called “iPhoto Library”. {Can I have several library files? How do I do that?}
    3) I copied the iPhoto Library file to an external hard drive and then transferred it to the new computer.
    4) The new computer also had an iPhoto Library file in the Pictures folder. I deleted this file and replaced it with the newly transferred file.
    5) When I double-click on the iPhoto icon (in the dock) it tells me that the “Photo library”, the “Last Import” and the “Trash” are all empty.
    6) When I open the iPhoto Library using Finder>>Pictures>iPhoto Library I find that my pictures are there, but there are no Albums.

    Question: Is there a way that I can connect the two computers directly and use Import?

    Thanks for your help

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    I'm sure eww will be along with some good perspective.

    From another point of view... I still use iPhoto 2 on three different machines. At present I have no need for features beyond this version, so I haven't felt the need to upgrade.

    Copying the entire iPhoto Library folder is the best way to transfer and iPhoto library. You can change the name to anything you like. The only important thing to remember is that an iPhoto Library folder should only be transferred to a disk that has been formatted as "Mac OS Extended" (you can Zip archive the folder if it has to be transported via a PC formatted drive).

    As far as multiple photo libraries... piece of cake. See iPhoto Help topics "creating new photo libraries" and "switching between photo libraries"

    Your last item (#6) is troublesome. It sounds like you are opening an empty (or a new) photo library instead of the one you intended to copy.

    The easiest way to connect two recent Macs is via ethernet (or airport, if it's available). If you don't have an ethernet hub, then a "crossover" ethernet cable (available from any Radio Shack) can be strung between the two ethernet ports. Turn sharing on, and Bob's your uncle.
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    Hello Brie Fly:
    I followed your advice and solved my problems. I did use a fire wire connection between the two computer (instead of the ethernet connection) to improve my transfer speed. Thanks again.
    Do you have any thoughts on how iPhoto and Photoshop Album compare as far as storing large amounts of photos is concerned? I just bought CS2 and have to make a decision soon. Thanks.

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    I've got no experience with CS2, and iPhoto does what I need.

    eww will likely have a more complete perspective.