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If you do not close the apps (home button 2x) and leave them to run in the background, do they use up your data?

iPhone 5
  • ckuan Level 7 (29,399 points)

    Most apps do not run in the background, so the answer is no. What apps you think are running exactly?


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    When you double click the home button on your iphone your recently used apps are shown. It is my understanding that until you close these apps that they continue to run "in the background" until you close them out with the red - minus sign. I know that they use up your battery, but my question is if your not hooked to wi-fi, do they use your data? Thanks

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    As already provided, the vast majority of apps do not run in the background & are not using battery just because they are shown on the multi-tasking bar. Most apps shown there are in a last used state & are not running. To run in the background, the app has to be specifically designed to do so...music apps...navigation apps, stuff like that.

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    The most recently used app list when you double tap is for your convenient to re-launch the app so you don't have to search for them. Other than what wjosten has listed, it is a urban myst.