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I have upgraded to Keynote 09 from 08. In 08 I do not have any problem importing and saving movies in my presentations. I cannot save them in 09. I have checked to be sure "copy audio and movies into document" is checked. The error message when I'm trying to save the file (which will import and play but will not save) is "could't save movie."   Please advise.  Thanks.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
  • Gary Scotland Level 6 (12,753 points)

    I would reinstall Keynote, this sorts out many issues.


    You must use an uninstalled to do this, Appcleaner is free and works for this purpose: 

    Appcleaner Download



    1. quit Keynote

    2. uninstall Keynote with Appcleaner

    3. empty the trash

    4. repair the hard drive: 

         shut down the Mac, start up with the shift key pressed untill the Mac logo appears

         this will take much longer to boot than normal as the Mac is repairing

         when fully booted restart the Mac normally

    5. reinstall Keynote

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    Thanks, Gary.  I am attempting to apply your solution but I am not being allowed to empty my trash. I'm getting the error code -8003.  The only files in the trash are Keynote related. Any thoughts?

  • Gary Scotland Level 6 (12,753 points)

    try force empty trash:  press the option key then right click trash in the dock and select empty trash

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    Followed your instruction ... reinstalled Keynote and the problem remains. Any other ideas?

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    I contacted Apple support. They showed me that my Keynote 09 was not receiving software updates. One updated everything is working fine.