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Have purchased multiple TV Shows and Movies from Apple Store.  Many if not most downloaded on to 'primary MAC'in the house.  Some purchase directly through Apple TV on the tube.  Most of what I have purchased does not show up on the Apple TV even when iTunes is open on that 'primary MAC'.  I finally disconnected the Apple TV from the user Library and re-initiated the connection.  Same problem only worse - almost everything has disappeared from Apple TC after leaving a whole day for whatever to sync.  In iTunes the quote from the Sync page is 'Items not synced are available on your Apple TV when iTunes is open.  To state the obvious, my internet connection for both the MAC and the Apple TV are working; the home network linking them is working; the Apple TV recognizes the Library on the primary MAC.  Its just my stuff that's not accessible on the Apple TV.  Thanks for any and all help to resolve. 

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)