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Hi, I recently got a new iPhone5 and purchased my first album.  The album appears to be downloaded (iTunes album shows "Purchased") however, nothing appears in my "Music" app.  I've tried plugging the phone into my computer, but it still does not transfer.  When I go into iTunes/... More/Downloads/Purchased it shows "No Content".

How do I get the album purchased into my playlist?


iPhone 5
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    Did you purchase the album on your iPhone or on your computer?


    I'll assume you purchased it on your iPhone.  Open your Music and click "Songs" on the bottom.  Do the purchases show up there?

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    Hi, Thanks for the response.


    Yes, it was purchased on the phone itself.


    When I open Music, it shows "No Content - You  can download music from the Tunes store.."and a "Store" button and brings me back to iTunes..

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    Try opening the iTunes, then click "More" in the lower right, then "Downloads".  Are your songs sitting there awaiting download?

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    I've tried that too - they're not sitting there, and i've tried numerous times to Re-download them too.  They all seem to successfully download in the "More" tab, but then seem to just disappear afterwards....

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    You originally asked: "How do I get the album purchased into my playlist?"


    I suggest you ignore playlists for the moment, and make sure your purchased items are not in your Music app.


    Open Music, check "Songs" in the lower right.


    I think you're saying it's empty, is that right?


    If so, here's the next thing to check:


    Look in Settings > iTunes & App Stores


    • Are you correctly signed in to your Apple ID?
    • Is Automatic Downloads > Music = "On"?
    • Is Use Cellular Data = "On"?
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    Hi, ok so I had automatic downloads > music On buy had cellular data off. I've since turned on cellular data, restarted phone, re-downloaded the album, yet still nothing in my music.  Any other last ideas??

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    Yes, one more idea - the only one left that makes sense, I think:


    Are restrictions on? Check Settings > General > Restrictions.


    I'm guessing music is restricted.

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    I should have said my guess is iTunes is restricted.

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    Thank you thank you thank you! It was the restrictions!!

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    Glad it's solved!


    Enjoy your iPhone!  It's quite an amazing device.

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    OK so I got excited too soon - it was working after I changed the Restrictions setting, played it for awhile from my Music app, Paused it.  Closed the app, came back a couple hours later - and nothing in my playlist. 


    Should General> Restrictions> be ON (enable Restrictions) with iTunes > On


    Or, should Disable Restrictions be selected (which turns iTunes Grey).  I've changed it back and forth now trying to get my music back and I can't recall which it should be on.


    Thanks for all your help and suggestions!

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    Having restrictions off (or disabled) means the information can flow freely.


    That's what you want.