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Hi there,


I'm coming to the end of editing my short film. A post production house are going to master it and they need DPX files to run through Clipster.


This is causing me a bit of a headache.


I'm just doing some initial tests this evening, and I can't for the life of me change the render file type from Quicktime to DPX in Color. It doesn't give the option. It says in the manual you can't change it unless you are working from a project from scratch? I have been using this online guide:


http://jonnyelwyn.co.uk/film-video-editing-tools-for-editors/exporting-dpx-files -from-color/


He says you just send the sequence to color and the option should be there?


I tried making an XML and importing that into a new color project and no joy.


Am I being really stupid here or am I missing something??


Any advice I would much appreciate it.






PS - running FCP6..

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6), 3.33 Ghz 6-Core Intel Xeon
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    I looked at the link and it seems to make sense.


    In FCP, select the sequence you want to send to Color then (in the top menu bar) press File > Send to > Color

    It is not necessary to create an XML file, this instruction does it for you. It also allows you to name your Color workfile and open Color.


    Once in Color, go to the Setup Room then to the Project Settings tab and set the Render File Type to DFX.


    It's really that simple.

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    RatVega has your back (except you select DPX in the "Render File Type" box in Setup)  lol.





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    Yeah I done all that as per 1st message. I send to Color via 'send to' on my chosen sequence.

    It opens up in Color and in Project Settings tab it doesn't give me the option to change the render file type to DPX. It just says quicktime.

    What I mean is that after this failed, I decided to open Color, start a new, then imported an XML to se if that would make any difference, but again same result - no option to change.


    Try it yourself see if you get it, cause I'll be darned if I know what I'm doing wrong.

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    I wonder if this is a FCS2 (and Color version ...) issue.


    I have FCS3 and Color 1.5.3




    Not that it makes much difference with Color, try using Digital Rebellion's Preference Manager to delete your Color Prefs and try again.



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    Tried that, still no joy

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    Maybe someone out there with FCP6 could test for me??


    I'm trying to get a colourist to help with the final grade - I'm sure he said he had DaVinci Resolve - I just did a bit of research and think you can export DPX files from there. Not entirely sure of the workflow but that could be an option.

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    Sorry I've been absent...  things get busy sometimes.


    I have both Studio 2 (FCP6/Color 1.0.4) and Studio 3 (FCP7/Color 1.5.3) running on systems here so I tried it both ways. I ran into the same issue problem with Studio 2 as you describe, so I looked a bit further and found this on page 99 of the Color User Manual (Chapter 5 Setup):


    "Render File Type: This parameter is automatically set based on the type of media your project uses. If you send a project from Final Cut Pro, this parameter is set to QuickTime, and is unalterable. If you create a Color project from scratch, this pop-up menu lets you choose the format with which to render your final media. When working on 2K film projects using image sequences, you’ll probably choose Cineon or DPX, while video projects will most likely be rendered as QuickTime files."


    If your prospective colorist can accept a Final Cut Pro 6 project file, that may be your easiest way out.



    Oddly, even though the documentation for Color 1.5.3 says the same thing, I was just able to output DPX files from a FCP7 project I sent to Color 1.5.3, so it may be a lot easier (and less expensive) than I thought.


    Good luck!


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    Thanks mate, yeah I'll have a word with the colourist. Am intrigued about best quality exports, I'll start another thread about that.


    Appreciate your help.


    Best wishes,