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I dropped my Iphone 4s and the screen is now black with blue lines. The screen is not shattered or cracked. It still works - Siri, vibrates/sounds for emails/texts. Had it for 2 years, no apple care +. How do you fix this?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    Take it to an Apple store genius bar and se about an out of warranty replacement, $149 in the US.

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    Can you explain what's wrong with it? Is it just LCD issues? I have an upgrade coming in the next few months, however I dont wan't to use the upgrade on another Iphone 4s or the Iphone 5. I also don't want to pay about $150 for a replacement. Is there any other alternatives besides the out of warranty replacement?

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    The screen has multiple functions built in, display, finger sensing, and is multi layered.  So part of that combo may have been damage or the electrical connections to it without cracking or shattering.  There isn't much you can do about the replacement cost.  Attempts to open/work on the screen will mean Apple won't accept it for trade at a later date.


    You can try to locate an Apple Authorized Service Center in your are and see what the cost of screen replacement would be.  With labor it will probably comparable to the out of warranty replacement cost.