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Ok, I'm sure I'm missing something obvious!!

I'm going to be migrating from an old Mac Pro that has 2 internal drives, both 2TB in size (one boot drive, one media drive), to a MacBook Pro with a 512 SSD.

I'm wondering how I'll need hook up the Mac Pro to the MacBook Pro (and external drive) to transfer the files (since the Mac Pro doesn't have Thunderbolt, and the new MacBook Pro doesn't have ethernet).


I'm guessing I'll need to plug the Mac Pro ethernet into the MacBook Pro via ethernet to Thunderbolt adapter?


Then use migration assistant to setup the new SSD.

Tthen I am guessing my new external Thunderbolt drive (G-RAID) will just appear as another drive on my MacBook Pro (like the old Mac Pro drives will also?) and so I just drag the files from the Mac Pro drives onto the G-RAID drive?


Trying to figure this out before so I don't get stumped during


Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Time Capsule