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Hey there,


When I use AirPlay Mirroring on my (3rd gen AppleTv), I can see the video on my TV but I Can't move the sound from my Retina Macbook's Internal Speakers  to  the Tv!!


I tried going to System Pref>Sound>Output>AppleTv,  but every time I do that it just Discounects AirPlay all together.


My firend also has a Retina Macbook and a (2nd gen AppleTv). He also has the exact same problem?!



So, Why is this happining??? And How do i fix this problem without having to ShutDown and restart my macbook Everytime i needed the AppleTv ?????



Many Thanks

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), iOS 5.1.1
  • Allen A Community Specialists

    Howdy, Hadi007!


    Looks like someone else may have found a workaround!

    No Audio when Airplay Mirroring from Mac to Apple TV



    The important bits:

    This solved my question by jonvid  on Aug 5, 2012 11:42 PM


    I had this same problem and I think I just found a solution. Turn on your Apple TV. BEFORE turning on the mirroring, change the output audio on your computer to Apple TV in System Preferences. After that, turn on the mirroring and the sound should be coming out of your tv.


    Again, if you don't change the output before mirroring it will not work.


    Hope this helps.



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    I almost have the same problem.  I cannot move the sound from my MacBook Pro to the TV while doing a FACETIME call.  I tried the above workaround ("...BEFORE turning on the mirroring, change the output audio on your computer to Apple TV in System Preferences...") but it didn't solve the problem.  Then I tried a SKYPE call, and the sound moved over to the TV automatically.  So my problem is peculiar to FACETIME only.  Any suggestions?

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    Hi Allen,


    Can you chime in?