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I'm quite new with Mac as I recently bought a new Mac Book Pro.

The first time I've turned it on I noticed that my previous purchases in iTunes (all of them purchased with my iPhone) have been presented available through icloud and I could listen them by streaming (or get them downloaded if I wanted).


I also noticed that the new purchases made with the iPhone after I bought the mac were not available through icloud but were downloaded automatically to the mac. The conclusion is that I have a mixed combination between old purchases available from the cloud and new ones that are downloaded automatically.


Question1: is there a way to have all of them - no matter if new or old acquisitions - available from the cloud?


Question2: what happens when I will connect the iPhone to the Mac? Will it transfer the purchases (music and applications) to the mac automatically? is there a way to have what I buy with the iphone on the iPhone and get them available from the cloud for the Mac only?


Questions3: the same happens for the applications that I get for the iphone. They are downloaded automatically to the Mac. For example I bought a game (750MB) for the iPhone and I had it downloaded to the Mac. As for Quesiton1, is there a way to prevent this to happen? 750MB on the mac for an application that doesn't run in the computer are a lot of waste space. I can understand the point of the backup but I'd rather have 750MB free on my drive.