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I have a project due where I need to film a video off my ipad and show it to my class. The problem is that I have a non-apple laptop, and I don't think windows media player supports apple video files. How can I convert the video to wmv and play it off of media player with a FREE and SAFE converter? Or is there any way I can connect my ipad to my teachers computer at school and play it off the projector? I would really appreciate advice.




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    You should have no trouble playing an iPad video on any recent Windows computer.  It uses a standard file format: MPEG4.  I'd be surprise if Windows computers couldn't play those.  Just try to open the file.


    Haven't actually tried this with an iPad video, but the free video playing application VLC includes facilities to save a movie in a different format.  VLC is available for many platforms.

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    Thanks very much Simon! I connected my ipad to my laptop and was able to save and play the video