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I plugged my ipod classic into my computer to sync some new music on itunes, but my ipod refuses to change from connected mode.

iPod classic
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    Hi psychoforkatz,


    It sounds like your iPod may not be recognizing that it has disconnected from the computer or may have stopped responding in some way.  I would give this article a look first:


    Safely disconnect iPod



    This section in particular:


    If the iPod display still shows a screen indicating that it should not be disconnected as explained above, use the method below to eject iPod.


    1. Click the Finder icon in the Dock.
    2. Select the iPod icon.
    3. From the File menu, choose Eject iPod (Command-E).


    1. Double-click My Computer (Windows XP and Windows 2000) or, on the Start menu, click Computer (Windows Vista).
    2. Right-click the iPod icon.
    3. Choose Eject from the shortcut menu.

    If the issue is still ongoing after trying that, then I would use the interactive iPod classic Troubleshooting Assistant:





    - Ari