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I have a white MacBook - late 2009 - so obviously well ancient. Recently the hard drive failed and was replaced - it cost me as it was about a week after the Apple Care Plan expired.


It was replaced by a bigger hard drive as that is all they use now but I am really really disappointed as it is noisy. The old one was a silent as the grave, this one makes a constant sound in the background. Having read all the threads on this I am beginning to think I will have to put up with it but frankly it is a bit like white noise torture. It is a low noise but it is always there and I am aware of it.


I have tried resetting the SMC (4 times) and PRAM. I have checked for apps running in the background (probably not as well as I should as I am no techie) and I still cannot stop it. I don't think it is the fan as I don't run a lot of programmes at once and it does not get at all hot.


Does anyone have any further ideas please or will I just have to put up with it until either I or the Mac dies?


If I do have to put up with it is there anyway of getting Apple to do anything about this as there are so many of us with the same problem?


I must say I love Apple products but am very disappointed with them about this.

MacBook, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)