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I am an 18 year old boy who is about to enter college. I plan on using an iPhone 5, iPad mini, and a MacBook Pro so clearly I am a loyal apple customer. However, apple markets the iPad to the on the go worker or student or anyone who needs basically a portable computer. What I want to know is why aren't the iWork apps like keynote, pages, and numbers all preprogrammed like safari? Any windows tablet you buy has some form of word and all other windows business programs preinstalled for free, all I ask is that apple do the same instead of charging their customers $10 an app to get all three productivity apps. I want them to load them with these apps for free, it doesn't make sense for us to pay for them. At the bare minimum install them on the iPad, but really, all apple products should have them installed before purchase. Anyone who supports this answer the question, repost it, anything to get this thought to the public and make apple create a system update with all of the apps installed for free. Thanks for reading guys.

iPad, iOS 6.1.3
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    Tell Apple at the link below.


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    Why should Apple raise the price of iPads by $30 when most users don't do businesslike things on them ?

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    And many that do prefer to select their own applications rather than having one forced on them and having the price of the device increased to cover the cost. To quote Robert Heinlein, there ain't no such thing as a free lunch. If you want more things bundled, the base cost will rise. That's product pricing 101.


    If you want to buy something that has all the applications bundled and are willing to accept the software included, much of which is often junk or so limited as to be virtually useless - many such applications are "starter" versions which require additional payment to be really useful - then by all means buy some other vendor's product. Apple does not bundle the iWork applications with any of their systems and has shown no indications that they ever will.