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On my new iMac (iMovie 11) the date and time is 1 hour behind GMT and 2 hours behind BST.  How can I correct it?  Clock on iMac and camera are all correct.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    Hi there, LittleDat,


    Here's a great article that will provide the step-by-step on how to apply those changes to the videoclip itself:


    iMovie '11: Adjust the date and time of a video clip



    Thanks for reaching out to Apple Support Communities!



    Pedro D.

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    Hi Pedro

    In asking my question I missed out one vital word which led you to give me an answer I already know.  The missing word was "Title".  When I put in a Date/Time Title on a clip in a project it is either 1 hour behind on a clip filmed in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) or 2 hours behind on a clip filmed in BST (British Summer Time).  How can I put the Date/Time Title right?  It's fine on my old iMac (2006 Leopard), but on my new iMac (2012 Mountian Lion) it is incorrect.  To have to adjust the date and time of every video clip and photograph in the event browser would be too much to ask, especially in DVDs lasting well  over 1½ hours!

    Best wishes


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    Hi Ian,


    There appears to be a bug in iMovie 9.0.8 (iMovie '11) regarding the date/time title. There are many posts here about this particular issue. Here's one such topic:





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    Thanks for that - good to know I'm not alone.  Your being so far ahead of GMT gives you greater problems it seems, but my being on GMT or BST shows iMovie to be 1 hour behind or 2 hours behind respectively and consistently.  I thought about going onto Mid-Atlantic time just to get the right Time Stamp, but I'm not that bothered as are other people in the discussion for important reasons.  I'll just wait for Apple to correct the bug ……………………… how many minutes do you think that will be?????????????

    Many thanks


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    The bug in 9.0.8 that incorrectly offsets the Date/Time in the title by a seemingly random (some report it's the GST offset, others do not) amount has not been fixed.  Changing hundreds of clips manually to the wrong time is not a solution.