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I've created an iBooks Author widget with iAd Producer with video and audio files as embedded assets. They are mp4 and m4a respectively. However, when I import the widget into my iBook they video and audio do not play. The video just won't play at all while the audio won't load.


I'm wondering:


  • which formats work for video and audio for iAd -> iBooks
  • am I missing something? The video is automatically set to activate upon a tap/touch right?

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    From http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5068:

    Movie and Audio Requirements

    You cannot use media that have ".m4v" or ".m4p" file extensions.

    It is recommended that you use H.264 video in an MPEG-4 container with an ".mp4" file extension.

    For audio, it is recommended that you use AAC audio in an MPEG-4 container with an ".m4a" file extension.

    Note: Video and audio media in HTML widget bundles are not DRM-protected.

    Note: In some cases, movies and audio files in HTML widgets may not play in iBooks Author but will play in iBooks. If you are unable to play a movie or audio file in your widget in iBooks Author, try previewing on iPad. This should show you how the file will play in your completed book.


    Have you tried testing your widget in Widget Tester (Preview -> Preview on Device)? Does it work there, but not when ultimately loaded into iBooks? If it doesn't work on Widget Tester, does the web inspector's console (Preview -> Show Web Inspector When Previewing) show anything? (You will need to select Preview again after enabling the web inspector.)


    From our experiences, filenames using anything other than alphanumeric characters can be problematic.


    If none of the above helps, I would recommend filing a new problem at bugreport.apple.com and attaching your working project.

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    I have made sure that the video file was an MPEG-4 / H.264 with the .mp4 file extension. The video file is still not being activated in iBooks Author Preview or in iBooks itself.


    Is it possible that my problem is in iAd Producer? This is my what I'm doing, it'd be great if you could make sure it's correct:


    1. Drag mp4 from desktop to iAd page (automatically imports it as an Asset)

    2. Select the video on the page

    3. Select "Shows Controls", not "Plays full screen"

    4. Interaction -> Activated -> Play Video

    5. Export


    I'm thinking the last thing I might be doing wrong is with the "Interaction". If I select "Activated -> play video", does that means that the video will play when tapped?


    * When I preview it in Safari it works and shows the controls. Just not in iBooks or iBooks Author.

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    Yes, "Activated" means the video will start playing when it is tapped.


    And my apologies for asking a possibly insulting question: when you created the iAd Producer project, you selected the "iBooks Author Widget" button at the top, correct? Which template did you start with, Blank or Video?


    Would it be possible to post a screenshot of the Layers sidebar and the Properties brick with the video object selected?

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    Please pardon my english.  Does your file name have space charcters?  If so remove them and try again to see if that works.




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    One other idea that sometimes works…


    Find the original video file in Finder, select it, then

      Finder > Services > Encode Selected Video Files


    I haven't experimented with all of the settings to know which is "best", but try something appropriate to your content. When it's done, re-import the new file into your iAd Producer project.

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    I've tried everything you guys mentioned about the file type, none of it has worked. Here's a screenshot of what I'm doing in iAd. The video plays when I preview it in Safari, but the video does not play when I play it in iBooks Author or when I export it and try it on my iPad.


    Any help would be amazing.


    Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 3.55.52 PM.png

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    As noted previously by Takayasu, your file names should not have spaces in them; replace them with dashes or underscores.


    Have you tried using the iBooks Author Widget Tester application after enabling Preview > Show Web Inspector When Previewing? Do any useful messages appear in the Console tab? Can you glean anything from the Web Inspector's Resource tool?


    Finally, I again recommend filing a problem at bugreport.apple.com and attaching your working project. If you have an iBA account rep or SE you work with, maybe they can help you.

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    I'm encountering the same problem.

    What device are you using ?

    I preview on my iPad 1, and my iPad Mini. Could there be a device compatibility issue ?

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    I've tried everything mentioned in this discussion so far with my file (a blank doc with 1 audio file). I have yet to get any audio working in the iBooks Author widget, in any format.  Everything works in the preview, iOS preview, and even the Widget Tester. But not in an actual iBook previewed on an iPad.


    I'd like to know if anyone has gotten the new iAd Producer audio feature to work in a widget in an iBook? Should I bump up to Mavericks to make this work?

    Thanks for any help

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    (First, please forgive my English )


    I had the same problem, I tried with everything you posted on this discussion and nothing worked.


    I tried previewing my widget on iAd Producer (Device: iPad) and on Widget Tester and the videos worked, but when I tested my widget on iBooks author and preview it, the videos on the widget doesn't worked.


    The thing is that if you want iBooks to play your widget with video you should export it (.ibooks) and then synchronize your iPad with the iBook with iTunes... and voila! there is your video playing correctly on you iBook. I don't know why but on iBooks on Proof it doesn't work.


    I hope it helps...



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    This suggestion doesn't works neither for me.
    Everything works fine on iAd simulators and Widget Tester, but when I test in iBook, no audio sounds.

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    I recommend that folks affected by this file a bug report at bugreport.apple.com and attach reduced versions of your iAd Producer and iBooks Author projects. Make sure to note in your report that you are using iAd Producer and iBooks Author!

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    You don't need to make your own project to get this issue. First think I tested was the wdgt "Curiosity Timeline" from the iBooks Widget Examples !!. I added it to my iBook and the video within did'nt work... extrange... And not many information about it