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How to check if iphone 4 is unlocked without inserting a SIM card.

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.3
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    Did you purchase an unlocked phone from Apple? Did you request an unlock from the carrier the phone was originally locked to?

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    I requested unlock from AT&T for my out-of-contract iPhone 4, they asked me to backup & restore using my iTunes account which I did. AT&T said it should be unlocked after this.

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    The final step to unlocking the phone is to do a restore. That instruction should have been part of the email from AT&T. When completing the restore, you should get a message on iTunes stating, Congratulations, your iPhone is unlocked.

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    You will need to Restore it as a new iPhone (make sure you did that backup) and you will get a message "Congratulations, your iPhone is unlocked". Then Restore it from your backup.

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    I was leaving the US on a business trip and called AT&T on the off chance that they would unlock my on-contract iPhone 4S.  They said no because I was on contract.  OK No biggie, I hadn't expected them to do it but I figured it couldn't hurt to try.


    When I updated my phone to iOS 6.1.2 I did it as a new phone to clear everything off and planned on doing a restore to get my apps and content back on.


    When I finished my update I received the Contratulations Your Phone is Unlocked message.


    I also don't have access to a non-AT&T sim card so I gave them a call to confirm if I was unlocked or not.  Turns out that at some point someone at AT&T sent my name to Apple and when I did the update the phone was also unlocked.  AT&T confirmed the unlock and basically said, congratulations and have a nice day.  I really lucked out on getting an unlock done while on contract.


    But in answer to your question when you see the Congratulations Your Phone is Unlocked at the end of a firmware update, your phone is unlocked.

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    I restored it as a new iPhone, however, I did not get "Congratulations, your iPhone is unlocked". Is there a way to ck if it is really unlocked?

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    Call AppleCare and give them your model and serial number.

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    The steps for unlocking an iphone is poorly documented. It should have been a straight forward procedure. This is the procedure I followed. Make sure you have a backup of all your photos and videos.


    1. Connect iphone to the system, open itunes make sure you have validated your itunes libarary password to communicate with apple servers to download unlock confirmation code.

    2. Backup your iphone.

    3. Do not restore from backup, instead do "Restore iphone" this will provide a warning that your iphone will be resetted to factary default, yes to that, it will go for a reboot and restore to default, as soon as that job finishes a message will appear "your iphone has been unlocked", do you want to restore it from known backups, select the backup date/time of your latest backup (step2), click on restore. That will restore all your previous settings back to iphone. No data will be lost and phone will be restored as it is before. thats it.


    Very simple procedure.