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my iphone is naw stop after update i want activate my iphone 3gs so help me


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iPhone 3GS
  • jesterwylde Level 4 (1,360 points)

    please refrain from providing personal data, this forum is publically accessible to anyone and you're not addressing Apple or its employees here, only fellow product users.


    Regarding your issue: what is it exactly you see? Any error messages?

  • KiltedTim Level 9 (50,285 points)

    If you are getting a message that the activation server is unavailable, either you don't have a SIM in the phone, or the phone was hacked to unlock it.


    In the first case, put a SIM in it.


    In the second, contact the carrier it's locked to and see if they will unlock it.

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    I pot sim in my phone but no signal is looking