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How to prevent duplicate of orginal mail (with original sender's name, address) being "attached" when forwarded?

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    More details about how you are trying to do this might help. If I take an email, hit forward and then remove the original senders information, it goes through without the original senders information.

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    Thank you for the quick response, Eric.

    Ooops.  l didn't state the problem correctly.  As you stated, I hit forward, Delete the original sender's informaiton, the send it.  But, the original email accompanies my forwarded mail, thus, showing the original sender's name, address, etc.

    (I'm using a recently acquired iMac and may have accidentally done something wrong.

    So, any additional suggestions are appreciated.

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    Are you selecting Forward As An Attachment under the Messages menu? Just trying to rule out possibilities.


    Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 4.44.11 PM.png

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    No.  I forward the email by clicking on the arrow (for "Forward Selecred Messages").

    Again, thank you.

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    So you hit the Forward icon, which opens a new window with the message in it.

    Then you click and hold at the top of the message and then drag down over the "Begin forwarded message:" line and over the details of the previous email (From:, Subject:, Date:, To:), then release so that they are all highlighted. Then you hit delete and the previous sender's information disappears.


    If it has disappeared, it cannot be in your forwarded email. Check by sending it to yourself.


    By the way, since you are deleting the previous sender's information, you may want to highlight the remainder of the email and use Format > Quote Level > Decrease to make it look like a new message.

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    Thank you AndrewCSP.

    I did as your reply instructs through to the last sentence in the first paragraph..."hit delete and the previus sender's informaiton disappears." 

    I don't understand what is meant in the second sentence "If it has disappeared, it cannot be in your forwarded mail."  However, I did follow paragraph 1, and sent the mail to myself.  The orginal email with the sender's name and address was also sent with my forwarded email.

    Again, thank you.

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    Maybe I am mis-understanding what you are seeing.

    When I forward a message, the receiver will see the original mail (unless I edit it, such as removing any previous sender's information) and the length will be the same as the message was before forwarding except for the added line "Begin forwarded message" (again, unless I edit bits out), and there will be no attached copy of the original message.

    So when you say in your reply above "The orginal email with the sender's name and address was also sent with my forwarded email." do you mean:

    a) that it is still visible at the head of the text of the message (which I was saying does not happen for me because "after hitting delete, the previous sender's information disappears." [and since] "it has disappeared, it cannot be in your forwarded mail." Disappeared means it is not there.

    b) another copy of the original message is attached to the forwarded email at the end, either as an included file or as repeated text.

    c) some other situation.


    Sorry about the previous mis-spellings! I hope that we can get to the bottom of this.

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    You are very thorough!

    I think the best answer is b)...When I forward my email, the orginal sender's email is repeated. Next to the preview text in the inbox, is a little dark square with the number two(2) inside.  Clicking on the number 2, reveals my name and separately below it the original sender's name.  Clicking on each name opens the email, one showing me as a sender and the other email showing the original email with the original sender's name and email address.


    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner...dealing with grandkids.  :-) Going to school performance, driving to and from practices and games and tournamets, cooking, and "baby sitting."

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    I think you may have your messages organized by conversation.

    In the View menu at the top of the screen, is the third item down 'Organize by Conversation' ticked/checked?


    If so, what you are seeing is the original email sent to you, grouped with your forwarded message. They are actually 2 seperate messages, as shown by the number two(2) in the box. The original message showing the original sender will not contain the new recipient that you forwarded it to (if you forwarded it to yourself as a test, this is less obvious). Also, the original message will have a totally different (earlier) date and time.


    If you do have your messages organized by conversation, try unchecking the 'Organize by Conversation' menu item, and see if that resolves your apparent duplicate problem.

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    Thank you, Genius.

    AndresCSP your answer solved the probem.

    Now I can forward email without revealing information some senders do not want shown.

    What does CSP stand for?  Certified Solver of Problems.  Creative Solutions Provider.  Whatever, I am very grateful.


    again, thanks,

    Grandpa 1937