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There's an unauthorized charge on my credit card bill 4/30/13 - $2.99 and $20.00 from Itunes.. Please credit back $22.99 on my credit card

iPad 2, iOS 6.1.3
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    No one here is an employee or representative of Apple. We are all users like your self.


    Contact iTunes support and dispute the charge with your credit card company.

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    please refrain from providing personal data, this forum is publically accessible to anyone and you're not addressing Apple or its employees here, only fellow product users.



    This is a case for the iTunes Store Support:


    1. Go to expresslane.apple.com

    2. select 'itunes' and then 'itunes store' on the right

    3. select a topic and a subject

    4. click 'continue' and then 'email'

    5. fill out the form and explain your situation

    6. they will respond within 24 hours usually


    Good luck



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    Please be aware that you are not communicating with Apple when you post in these forums. The only people who will reply to your posts are your fellow users.


    First, make sure that you did not inadvertently make an in-app purchase. Many apps, particularly games, are free for the base game but charge for additional features such as levels, "coins" and other such add-ons. Check your Purchase History to see if that reminds you as to what you might have purchased:




    If you find that these were in-app purchases, to prevent this from happening again, turn off "In App purchases" in the Restrictions settings on your device. For more information, see:




    As to a refund, that's not automatic since the terms of sale for the iTunes Store state that all sales are final. You can contact the iTunes Store, explain the reason for your request, and ask, though:




    They're usually pretty lenient in the case of inadvertent purchases, but there are no guarantees.


    If the charges are not in-app purchases, contact the iTunes Store and let them know. If the charges don't appear in your Purchase History, they were probably fake charges made directly to your credit card, and your card issuer will need to handle those.