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I have just acquired an elderly (no idea just *how* old) mac mini (says underneath 1.66/2x256/60/comb q/ap/bt which I presume means it has a 1.66 GHz cpu, 512 MB ram, a 60 GB hard disk, some other stuff, and bluetooth) with who knows what version of OSX on it. Also no-one knows the user or admin passwords.


I have tried booting using all the key combinations listed in the kb article (HT1533) and *none* of them produce any results other than what I get without pressing anything; i.e. the machine boots off the internal HDD and prompts for password. Needless to say having a Snow Leopard install disk in the DVD drive also has no effect.


It's a genuine Apple keyboard, the wide 104-key style. I know it is working because if I type anything at the password prompt, dots appear and when I press the [Enter] key I get the "head-shake" response that says "Uh-uh, Buddy, you got that wrong". The computer also successfully paired with the genuine Apple mouse (old style with the little track ball where a Microsoft mouse would have a scroll wheel. I think this is the same model mouse this computer would have shipped with). The box only has 4 USB ports, I've tried the keyboard in all of them. There's nothing else connected, except power and DVI screen.


How to get it booted off the SL disk and install from scratch? Ideas??



iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1