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My iPhone 5 screen cracked, can I go a an apple store and get my phone replaced (like a new phone)?? Or do I need to get the glass fixed?? How much does it costs?

Solved by deggie on May 1, 2013 6:41 PM Solved

Make a Genius Bar appointment at your neareast Apple Store. $229 USD for an out-of-warranty replacement of the phone (they don't fix the screen, they replace the entire phone).

Reply by anacarol182 on May 2, 2013 1:11 PM Helpful

Sorry to bother you but I have a few more questions do I have to bring the phone to the same store that I bought?? Do i have to take the receit?? Does the iPhone needs to be in the box with the headphones etc?

Reply by deggie on May 2, 2013 1:47 PM Helpful

You can take it to any Apple Store, you need only bring the phone and the receipt is not necessary.

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