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I have a problem with Monitor's resolution.


The resolution was missing even if I tried various setting and all the cast of colors went suddently overexposed. This problem occured just after a computer crash. I tried everything, nothing seem's to work: all the indermediate and subtle colors in the finder's window where losts? For example, all my Finder's windows are all white, the blue striped horizontal bars don't show?


I read one message from a Mac user the Internet saying the at the minute he ran Front Row, everything went «OK» afterward. So I did that and my display came back just fine, showing all the details and the proper resolution.


Also, if I log as a new user the resolution work's come back okay.


Is there any file in my user's preference that I should erase? I work with two monitors.


Where should I go from there?


Thanking you in advance and looking forward to read you,



Robert Marchand

MacPro, 2.93 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon


MacPro, 2.93 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
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    Hi Robert, try this...


    Go to System Preferences > Universal Access and down in the Display: section make sure that the Enhance contrast: slider is all the way to left to Normal, or more to the right for less Contrast.

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    Thank you,


    I did that an it solved my problem, at last! Why did I missed that in the first place??? It never struck me that it had something to do with the Universal Access Panel but rather maybe with the monitor's prefences.


    Great, many thanks !



    Robert Marchand



    May I keep your name for future reference?


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    Great news, thanks Robert!


    I have no idea why that wouldn't be in the Displays pref pane myself... took me years to find it actually, thanks to other helpers here.


    Oh certainly do.

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    Indeed, sometimes one would expect certain options to be better identify and/or placed in a more recognize area by the users!


    What made me suspicious was the fact that if I started a software (FrontRow) and quit it afterwards the settings for my display came back OK automatically. The other hint for me was if I logeed in as new user, the settings where also OK. I wish there would be documentation on the subject? ... I recognize thought where I went wrong was in my interpretation of the appearance on my display: it had to do with the contrast and not with the resolution of the monitor.


    So thank's again for the tip and I will  gladly  follow you in the futur.

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    Thanks, it was difficult for me to figure out it was contrast also.


    Your perfect clue was...

    the blue striped horizontal bars don't show.