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i cannot see my iphone 5 or ipad on the Devices list in iTunes, hence cannot pair in Remote. I have done the basic check and the network should not be a problem as Rowmate seems to be working with the Mini as I can control it fom the two devices, just not Remote.

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    Hey there lamstones!


    I have found a couple of articles that may address your issues. The first is general information about using the Remote app, and it can be found here:


    About Remote app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch



    The second is an article that will help you troubleshoot any issues you may be seeing with the functionality of the Remote app, and it can be found here:


    Remote app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch can't connect to iTunes or Apple TV



    Thanks for using the Apple Support Communities!



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    Thanks for your response and I have used both of those articles but still cannot resolve the issue. i am pretty sure I have set all the required parameters but here are the two odd issues that may point to the source of my problem:-

    1) in iTunes>preferemces>Devices, I cannot find a way of clicking for "look for ipad, iPhone, iPod remotes" option

    2) Even though allowing signed application is enabled in my application firewall preference, everytime iTunes starts up, I still get a prompt to accept external connection to iTune - it is as if the firewall preference is not remembered.


    I also have Rowmate runninn on my iPhone 5 and that works fine over WiFi with the Mini so I dont think it is general network connection issue but specificalt the Remote app with iTune!


    Any further pointers will be greatly apreciated.


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    Further update. I have 2 WiFi networks at home and today managed to get the Remote app working with iTune with the other network that runs WEP encryption instead of WPA2 like the one I have been trying. This is the only difference between the two networks that I could guess cause the problem. Anyone who may shed some light on this?