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Google has installed something on my MacBook Pro.  It gives me ads, converts all my browsing, and has slowed down my computer to a crawl.  Please help me get rid of this problem.  Thanks



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8), Lion
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    Google? What program did you install?

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    sig, thank you for responding.  I do not know what was installed - I did nothing to agree to it that I am aware of.  One day I was surfing and my screen went crazy.  Next thing I knew everything was google, too many ads. their tool bar I think was also installed.  Went to their website and can't find info on how to stop them.


    They also took over my iPad and I thought that was taken care of by holding down the home key and turning off iPad.  Ads are less but still being redirected.


    Firefox is my primary search engine.  However, I do have Gmail and they own that .  Is that part of the problem?


    I appreciate your help.