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Heyy all

I have a problem :3 again

I can't find my wifi network :/ i've tried alot but it just keep showing on and off , but now i can't find it at all , actually i'm posting now using my iphone .

Anyway , here's the previos link to the problem , and the solution in it didn't work :(


Please heelp mee !!

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    Did that solution work for awhile? If so, how long?

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    Actually i don't think it worked :/ cuz when i did the steps the wifi was working perfectly :( but if the steps were the reason to let the wifi keep working i think for a week , and then i had the same problem , but in that time i was able to fix it , like turn on wifi and then turn it off quickly or use the assist me button or delete my network from Advanced and add it again , but now i've tried all of the things i usually do and didn't work .

    P.S. : my laptop yesterday worked on wifi for a little bit and then i had this problem :(

    P.S. : i got this laptob from my aunt from australia and i'm in Jordan :) and the problem was in it since she sent it to mee !!


    Sorry if the writing's too looong but i need your help :)



    Thank youuu :)

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    No worry about too long, it's fine.


    Do the bars show fine in the Airport icon when it quits?


    Are there any other devices there? Do they have any problem?


    Have you tried changing the channel on the Router yet?

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    I didn't understand the first question , sorry !

    Will , a lot of devices , my iphone and 3 galaxy phones works perfectly on my wifi network

    I don't know how to change the channel on the router ( i don't undestand ) but before this router we had a linksys router ( different type of the one i have now ) and i had the same problem with it .

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    On the bars...


    Do those still show when it loses it?


    Could one of the other devices be using a Static IP?

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    Nooo it doesn't , it become without black color , like selver

    Sorry but what's static IP !

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    It seems the problem is the Airport/Wifi card at this time though.



    Possible solutions...


    I prefer any one of these even when my Macs have Airport cards...





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    To be honest , i didn't get what's the static IP , but nevermind :p

    But i don't think that , cuz i can create network and i can find the network on my iphone , & also i can use personal hotspot over WIFI which means i can find my iphone when on avilable networks on my laptop when i turn personalt hotspot on !!!