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I install iPads into schools on a regular basis, i have been having an issue with Apple Configurator and updating iPads. I go through the options, choose my pre-downloaded iPad firmware (i have to do this as it is impossible to download firmwares on schools broadband), make sure that "Erase before install" isn't ticked and click prepare.

Its after this that either it goes well, the iPads update and everything is still on them or it goes horribly wrong. On some occasions i have found that Configurator has completely wiped the iPads and started them from scratch. Most of the time its not the end of the world as i have a encrypted back up i can restore from.

I have tried different cables, new firmware, different user accounts with mix results. There just doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for it.


Has anybody else had similar issues with Configurator or know why it is doing this?



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    I have the same issue I think.  Whenever I am trying to update or configure them they will all go to the iTunes symbol and I have to take each one out of the charging station and manually configure them with my MacBook.  Other times it just wiped them clean and then I just have to load the profile.  It is hit or miss.  When it works...it works great...when it doesn't....well it just doesn't.  I was told by our tech department that it should have an update coming this summer.