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Hello everybody! if you dont mind i am asking for what you would ask for the macbook i have for sell! i opened it brand new december 23, 2012 with plans of taking an online course starting jan 7, 2013 on january 4th ,2013 i was admitted to the hospital and was there 3+months. i didnt take it back outta the box untill the begining of April once i was cleared to do ceratin activities again. it is a 15.4" macbook pro mid-2012 9,1 2.66ghz, 8gb ram, 750gb hdd, 10.8.3.mountain lion os x, if any more specs are needed for an fair estimate please let me know! i simply do not need this mamoth of a laptop so my plan is to sell it and then by a smaller mac or maybe evan an imac that will suit my needs. any advice is greatly appreciated! thank U much!    ---ryan

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    I'd suggest checking eBay - search your specific model.  Then, look in the left hand column on your screen for the words "More refinements ..."  Click it.  In the window that pops open, at the bottom of the left column, click "Show only."   Then click "Completed listings" and click Go.    Now you will see what MacBook Pros like yours actually sold for on eBay.


    You can also get quotes from many of the online Mac resellers (for example, MacOfAllTrades) ... but they will only offer a price more like "wholesale" because they are in the resale business.


    Third thought, if this is truly a like new, barely used MBP, you should be able to sell it for 80% or more of what you purchased it for.  Macs hold their value pretty well, especially if they are recent models.