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I moved 600gbs of music to an external HD to save HD space and run iTunes from the external. After the transfer, I told or pointed to  iTunes where the 'new' music is on the external HD but iTunes will not read the music - it is asking me to find each and every song one at a time? Thats a LOT of clicking if I really need to do that.



Please help

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    I recently did the same thing (move my library to an external drive). What you want to do is have iTunes move the songs itself. iTunes keeps track of where each song is located. If you move the songs yourself, iTunes won't know and you end up in your situation. Just setting the media folder to the external drive won't be enough as that is only telling iTunes where to store NEW tracks.


    What you want to do is bascially set the new media folder location and then have iTunes move all the tracks to that location. I followed the procedure here:



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    Ok well thanks for that - but if I have already moved my music files to the HD & deleated the samre files from my computer, do I need to move everything back and start from scratch?

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    Hmm... I'm not sure but I think that would probably be the easiest/safest thing to do. There are some files that remain in the iTunes folder under your home directory (~/Music/iTunes) such as "iTunes Libraryitl" and "iTunes Library.xml", etc. I think these files contain the path to each song file in the library. And, I think these coudl be modified to point to the new drive. But I've never done this nore do I know how this would be done. And, making a mistake in these files could corrupt the entire iTunes library.