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I am having a problem syncing iphone calendar to ical?


brief history; recently added 8GB upgrade to macbook (Build 11G63) and upgraded to a 750GB hard drive, reinstalled lion using the OSX recovery utility, then used recent time machine back up to restore my items


everything appeared to be working fine when i noticed events i added on iphone were not updating to ical after a sync.  i've checked the calendars setting in the info portion of itunes trying to sync "all calendars" and then trying to sync as "selected calendars" and selecting all calenders, BTW, already confirmed the calendars on iphone are the same as ical i.e. "calendar," "work" and "home"


i've already tried reseting the sync history,


i've already tried restoring the iphone to a previous backup and i already reset it to a "new phone"


and a brief call to apple support got "items aren't covered" and a suspicous disconnect,


iphone is a 64GB 4S and other items appear to sync properly, bookmarks, contacts, notes...


wondering it the ical on my computer is functioning properly since when i move events on ical i occasionally get duplicates, or if i create events i get the event i created and a fishy "new event" too.


any help or insight would be appreciated

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.5), iphone 4s
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    I've also attempted the software update on the MacBook on a few occasions

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    I sincerely believe that reinstalling iCal will not be the answer to your question. In essence you have already reinstalled it when you reinstalled Lion.

    any help or insight would be appreciated

    You may want to look at iCal v4.0.4/OSX.6.8 sync problem with...: Apple Support Communities. Although iBozz was using Snow Leopard, you may find some useful information in that thread.


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    since the OS's are not similar the locations of the files aren't the same, that is if i was looking at the same files as ibozz was...


    effectively he moved the file that contained his calendar information to desktop, i've done this before by "exporting" the info into documents


    synced no information to the ipad (in my case ipod)- thus clearing it? exporting the ical info doesn't get rid of it off the calendar


    deleted calendar cache,


    reset sync services (about the only thing i am familiar with so far)


    this is where i am a little lost since the locations aren't the same, it appears he deleted the ical.plist and itunes.plist files, so this isn't a big deal since it seems that reluanching ical and itunes will recreate the relative .plist files where needed? also update as changes to setting are made?


    also not completely clear was he would have at this point imported info to his calendar and resynced?


    i guess does that sound like a reasonable strategy?  or do the process in a different order?

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    Lion file locations will be slightly different because the User Library is hidden.


    My first recommendation in that thread was to:

    "...try removing the com.apple.iCal.plist file from your Macintosh HD/Users/yourusername/Library/Preferences Folder. Quit iCal, and drag the .plist file to your desktop.


    Then go to your Macintosh HD/Users/yourusername/Library/Calendars Folder and remove any files with "Cache" as a part of the file name. Log out/in, or restart and check Calendars for functionality."


    To find the proper Library folder on your system, go to Finder>Go>depress the option key>and choose "Library."


    My second recommendation was to reset "Sync Services."

    also not completely clear was he would have at this point imported info to his calendar and resynced?


    i guess does that sound like a reasonable strategy?  or do the process in a different order?

    Calendar data was imported from a backup that was stored on the desktop. The best way to do that in my opinion is to use iCal>File>Export>Export... for each one of the individual iCal calendars.


    As long as you have backed up your calendars, I surmise that the order iBozz specified is as good as any.


    Good Luck.


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    tried to follow ibozz's steps... it didn't work,


    i did trash the ical cache


    i did get a com.apple.ical.plist trashed it was recreated from what i observed


    i did restore the ical with the imports,


    i did reset the sync service,


    the disconnect now is nothing on ical makes it to the iphone calendar, with the exception of birthdays and any event created on iphone doesn't make it to ical


    i didn't trash the com.apple.icalpush.plist, didn't trash the syncservices.plist located in the same folder,

    i never did find an itunes.plist


    going the wrong way with this, but the advice has been appreciated, if there is anything in the limited information i provided that is suspect please let me know,

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    some other information, my safari bookmarks on the iphone are gone, but contacts appear fine on iphone, and the notes have all been duplicated on iphone,