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I have 5 email accounts set up on my imac. 3 are mine 2 are my partners. I can no longer send emails from my accounts but my partner still can. They all still receive mail but when I attempt to send mail I get:-


Cannot Send Message Using Server


Then i'm asked to select a different server from a list. I have tried all but to no avail.


I first of all deleted my partners sky.com account because it appeared to me that this was maybe overiding all other accounts and it was no longer needed on imac.


I then deleted one of my accounts - hotmail, to see if i added it again maybe it would work but now I cant even re add the mail account as everytime i go to mail, preferences account to set it up again the initial screen comes up with my partners details including the sky.com username and when i overwrite these and try to install hotmail acount I get told that logging in failed check user name and password is correct. Which they are.


All used to work fine but now I have these problems, they appeared to have started when my partner set up an icloud account and is synching with this - could this be the cause?


I can send email from my accounts from iphone still but no longer from imac.

iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2011)