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I have to say the least a problem with my MacBook Pro since last night. The model I am referring to is the "Penryn" one, http://lowendmac.com/macbookpro/15in-macbook-pro-feb-2008.html


I guess I have suffered from the so-called "Black Screen of Death", popularly known among the MacBook * owner - and even desktop Macs apparently.


I'll try to summarize the problem:


Yesterday morning, I was working at the computer, the doorbell rang and then I put down the lid. When I came back, it seemed as if the computer did not want to wake up from sleep mode. The screen was black. I tvångsavslutade computer and rebooted. The computer works, I "use" until its hard drive over the network (it is accessible by other computers), but the screen remains black. Interesting to note is that your computer is NOT want to lose sleep since this problem appeared. Closing the lid makes seemingly no effect. I've tried to reset the PRAM with Apple-Command-Option + P + R, and it restores, but no change on the screen.


Interesting note: I have sometimes, albeit rarely, "reset" the computer on the way, including holding down the Power button for several seconds until the computer beeps, one long beep and restarts. On these occasions, the light at the cap flashing to quickly and many times as long as the peep underway, fans spin up and then have it all worked again. Much the same thing is happening now, / but / I do not hear the beep in the speakers since this problem appeared.


I do not really know how to solve this, I have started over and over and I have very important data on this machine that I certainly can access remotely wise but can not edit. The computer will safely connect to over SSH, IF I had been smart enough to count on this, and open up a SSH connection in Services before;-)


I'm desperate, what should I do? Do not be afraid to ask if any info is missing!


/ Daniel


MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)