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I need to run a java applet in Safai in order to use the patent office website called PAIR (I can sort of use Firefox, but it crashes frequently, so I'd like another option).  Java is enabled on Safari, but nothing happens when I go to the authentication site.  No error message or anything - it just sits there.


The java applet is called EntrustTruePassApplet.  On Firefox, message pops up stating that Java considers it to be a security risk, and should it block it? I have to sign on to the patent office website in order to do my job, so whatever the risk I have to take it. I choose don't block it and on occassion I can then log into PAIR (except when it crashes).


I suppose Safari is kindly protecting me from the security risk, but is there any way to override this? 

Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Java has been a source of frustration for many of us trying to use the USPTO's private PAIR. 


    If you don't use the website for a two week period, Apple's MAC OSX now disables JAVA.  I find myself having to go to the Java Web Site to test for JAVA install in order to reactivate it.   A block pop up window still pops up every time I use it but you can dismiss it.   You are probably not seeing the block pop up window because JAVA was automatically disabled.   Be sure to use the Java web site often to be sure the proper version is installed and functioning.  Good Luck.