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I purchased a iPhone 3GS from ebay and the seller stated that it was new and for ATT . when I recieved it the box stated it was unlocked . Not thinking anything of it I turned it on and checked it out . the box stated not to update the phone but i didnt pay attention to it and tried and this in turn bricked the phone. So I tried to DFU it and restore it but all I get is an error that states an unknown error occured (1015) . No matter what I try this error always comes up anyone have any other suggestions?

iPhone 3G, iOS 4.2.7
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    Error 1015 means the phone was previously hacked to jailbreak, unlock, or downgrade the iOS.  The phone may be permanently bricked, but you can Google error 1015 for suggestions.  No further help can be given here for hacked phones.


    Suggestion:  When you buy an iPhone on ebay, there's less that 5% chance the phone will be as described...


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