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Is there any one solution that fixes this???? There are a ton of posts on here about the iPhone5 Wifi problem and there are equaly as many so called "solutions". Has anyone figured out WHY this is an issue with the 5 and why Apple has done nothing to fix it? AT&T is now threatening to throttle my data usage (even though I have an unlimited plan) But I only use my data connection because using wifi on iPhone 5 is unbelievably slow.

Please. If you know of a REAL solution (no, I do not want to turn of LTE) please let me know. I'm getting nowhere by just searching the discussions.

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    There is no such problem, and therefore no "solution."  The only thing claimed was that downloads from the App Store (and only the App Store) were slow and "responded" to a random and irrational set of recommendations that in fact were coincidence. 

  • David Hard Level 1 (95 points)

    Riiiiight . Nothing to see here. Move along.

    Search for iphone 5 slow wifi and then tell me that this isn't a problem for a lot of people.

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    Define "a lot of people" in the context of  >50 million.  If you do a thorough search, there are no more than any other model or brand.  If you actually read the posts, 90% of them are clueless about WiFi networks and how to troubleshoot them. 

  • David Hard Level 1 (95 points)

    wow. Thanks for the help. You've really earned that 6 point status.


    Now if anyone else can actually help me. Please. I would love to get this fixed.

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    Since you can't muster the initiative to describe your specific problem, lots of luck getting help.  OTOH, no shortage of sense of entitlement for you.

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    My mistake thinking I could come to the Apple support discussion boards for help with my iPhone.

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    No, your mistake is thinking anyone could help you without describing the specific details of your problem and situation and instead making only a vague reference to a nonexistent bug, demanding for a solution and whining about Apple.

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    OK, I kinda see your point. My original post is a little vague and seems like I'm ranting. I posted it after going through many many discussions and not having any success finding a solution to the problem I'm having. I was hoping I would get a response from somone who was having similar issues with wifi connectivity on their iPhone5. But instead, I got you, who is only interested in talking down to me and telling me that the problem I'm having with my iPhone doesn't exist and that I should stop whining about it. So thanks for that.


    For anyone else who is actually interested in helping me. I am having issues with using Wifi on my iPhone 5. The connection has been slow to the point of not being usable since day one. I don't know how to spell out the problem any clearer. I am more than willing to give specifics if you want them.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


    If all you are going to do is tell me that I don't have a problem, please don't bother responding to this post.


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    Without more info such as whether this occurs on multiple networks, public or private, whether and how you measured speed, whether you tested other devices on the same networks, what WiFi signal strength, what troubleshooting steps you've already done - it's hard to even start helping. 


    I suggest you start with this support article:


    iOS: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections

  • David Hard Level 1 (95 points)

    The wifi connection is very weak on both public and private neworks. It's extremely slow at work, home and the gym (the three places where I use wifi the most). The wireless networks at work and home are both private and are Apple wireless routers; an Airport Express and an Airport Extreme at work and a Time Capsule at home. In both the work and home networks, there is a 5Ghz option available. But it doesn't seem to make a difference. I have no idea what the network at my gym is. I just know it's public.


    There is an iPhone 4 user here at my office and at home. Both people have no problems with wifi speeds. Same goes for our iPad 2. Wifi works just fine. The people in my office who own iPhone 5s have also said to me that they don't even bother using wifi becuase it's just too slow. I have personally used an iPhone 3G and and iPhone 4 on the same networks that I'm haveing problems with in the past and have never experienced the speed issue until I got the iPhone 5. So that's the only reason why I suspect it has something to do with the iPhone itself.


    It is slow in an number of applications. From streaming video and music, to downloading apps, sending photos via text messaging, to browsing the web etc. etc.... it's slow slow slow. I will have wifi turned on, and will have trouble listening to Spotify, or watching something on YouTube. As soon as I turn Wifi off and use the LTE data connection, it zips right along.


    I gave up on wifi on my iPhone 5 some time ago and just started using the data connection only. But now that AT&T has started throttling customers with unlimited plans who reach a certain usage percentage each month, I'm now revisiting the problem and trying to find a solution.


    I have not done any speed testing. I'm not really sure what is the best way to do that. I'm guessing an app?


    As for troubleshooting, I've done simple things like power off and on the phone, resetting the network, "Forgetting" the networks on the phone and then reconnecting. Not much else though.


    I'll admit, I am somewhat "clueless," as you say, about the more technical aspects of wifi networking and how they are configured. But that doesn't mean I'm not willing to try a few things. I just don't know enough to even know where to start.

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    It appears there is a problem in your phone if WiFi is agonizingly slow with all networks.  The steps you took so far with forgetting networks and resetting network settings were a good start.


    Try the following steps, as needed:


    1. Reset phone (no data loss): Press both home and power buttons for at least 10 seconds, releasing wihen the Apple logo appears. This probably won't help but worth a shot.


    2. Restore phone in iTunes using a backup


    3. Restore in iTunes as new, without using a backup.  See support article::


    iTunes: Restoring iOS software


    If restoring as new doesn't help, there is a hardware problem that needs warranty service (replacement) from Apple.

  • David Hard Level 1 (95 points)


    I'll give these things a shot.

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    There is defintely an issue with the iPhone 5 and wifi that is causing my iPhone to run at 10% of the actual speed available. I have experience troubleshooting corporate networks in London for a major computer manufacturer and reading this artilce is not contructive to the (obviously many) Apple customers that are seeking a resolution to this issue.


    My issues started in the Apple Store where I purchased the iPhone 5. It took a long time to restore the contents of my iPhone 4, to the surprise of Apple staff assisting. I had to complete the restore at home and thought it was just a lot of data.


    However, for some time I have had issues playing youtube and noted that a lot of my iTunes music was corrupted. My service provider today proved that the Wifi speed was around 7mb and yet my iPhone 5 only gets 0.6mb. The iPhone 4 and Ipad have no issues and show a speed of around 7mb, with all devices running iOS 6.1.3 or above.


    It is fairly safe to say that reading the many posts on IPhone 5 and wifi, its behaviour is not normal for a consumer device that should work out of the box and by non technical people. So why is it that somone who reports an issue to the Apple community gets grief rather than constructive help ?


    Constructive advice would be appreciated, and I am sure would be helpful to Apple and its customers to get issues such as this resolved. I am fed up of hunting through these posts to just see very little advice and collaboration into getting a solution.


    It is interesting to know that the problem is solved when more that 1 download is being undertaken and you get download speeds 10 times faster.









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    well i got the same problem ! having slow wifi internet while my imac and ipad have no problems the iphone 5 goes very slowly ! i tried the above solutions ! also this iphone is new one because  is replaced by the warranty as my old one had battery problems lasting only 2 hours ( this one last 3-4 ) i really don't know why iphone 5 have this stupid problems and no solutions from have been there ! at least i want the wifi to be fixed