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My daughter gave me a new Ipod (Nano) for Christmas.  I had no problem download my songs from my old Ipod (Shuffle) to the new one.  However - since I do not buy songs on a regular basis, I did not buy a new song until 4/29/13.  Now for information...sometime in March my old laptop died, completely.  I had to go buy a new one - which I did and this new one has Windows 8 Operating System on it (which I hate, btw). 


Now, when I bout a song on Tuesday, the song did not go to my new Ipod.   I tried everything and finally had to talk to a tech - who was very kind in helping me and we did get all my songs from Itunes to this new computer.  I thought the song I bought would then go on the Ipod - but it did not.  I had already hung up from the tech - since we had been talking on the phone for about an hour.  He informed me that he was giving me a "courtesy break" because it has been over 90 days since my new Ipod was purchased ---- just my darn luck! 


Anyway, I have figured out on my own that the new Ipod Nano is not synced with the new laptop with Windows 8.  I have been trying for the last 2 hours to get it to do so and in doing so, found out that Windows 8 is not mentioned in any of the help forums.  So...my question is:  Do I need to install drivers on the computer or what?  I will not be purchasing anymore music from Itunes until I get this matter resolved.  Any help will be apreciated. Thank you.



iPod nano, Windows 8