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  • peachy MBP Level 1 (0 points)

    you guys are so lucky.... or i'm so unlucky.  i'm still trying to get Apple to replace my logic board.  One store told me that my unit is not qualified even though it is a 2010 MBP 6,2 with the same NVIDIA issue.

  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 (55,325 points)

    Some individual Geniuses may interpret the timeframes more literally than others. You can also appeal to the store manager, who generally has additional latitude to authorize the repair even if the timeframe has expired.


    They still may decide against you.


    You will get the best results if you purchased AppleCare (even if it has expired) if your MacBook is not "beat up", and if you are polite, reasonable, and businesslike.

  • peachy MBP Level 1 (0 points)

    i understand... however is the repair program not based on TS service bulletin and not how polite i am?  of course i'm not going to be rude but i also would like to know why mine is not qualified when everyone else is getting theirs repaired.  i spoke to the store manager which just backed up her Genuis.  I understand that too but i wish they would go a bit deeper and explain why mine is not qualified.  i wish the process could be more objective instead of how i'm approaching the issue.  my unit is in perfect shape exterior-wise.  its been babied.

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    Just came back from a different Apple store. The lady informed me that my 3 yrs is now over by 2 months. I know many here have had theirs replaced even going over that 3 yrs given. What do I need to do?  First AS says it's the board that's not covered due to some reason I haven't been able to get yet. This one says it is the 3 yr time frame.  I'm thinking I'm calling the 1.800 Apple support. I wonder if they can do something. I guess it doesn't pay not to complain right away. I've waited too long with this problem. Complain right away.  If anyone has any suggestion please post. Not happy with this news.

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    Hi 'fernlo' . . . .


    I just wanted to chime in on this because it interested me that you mentioned South Africa where you purchased the Macbook Pro. I too purchased mine in Durban in May 2010 and it seemed only after upgrading to OS X Lion did my graphics issues begin.


    I am living in Bahrain and got no joy here from the Apple Service centre. It also 'passed' my machine without problems when clearly a major problem existed.


    I eventually resolved to live with it by installing gfxCardStatus and forcing the machine to stay in 'integrated only' mode which helped me to work and avoid crashes when I least needed them.


    The insteresting thing is the recent move to Mavericks. I did a clean install and migrated my data back and it would seem that the issue may - 'may' (fingers crossed) have been resolved. Previously where crashes were occuring, they are no longer - particularly on my audio production software. And recall that I mentioned my problems only started after OS X Lion was installed. OS issue??


    I'll keep monitoring this, but I am not forcing the graphics to stay in integrated mode only anymore and it seems to be holding out fine.


    I'm hoping that somehow the problem has been fixed although I'm not sure how it could have been if there is an inherent hardware fault on the batch of machines.


    Time will tell!

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    I have the Macbook Pro 17" 8gb, 500HD (2010) model 2.66 / Lion and I have been dealing with the black screen issue for months and it has proceeded to get worse over time.  Once the screen goes black (keyboard stays lit) the only thing you can do is to turn off and on again...very frustrating....


    I think I found the issue, well at least for me!  It seams that it was only doing this when I was in full screen mode in Chrome.  There is a setting in Chrome that states the following:


    Uncheck that and restart.  I haven't had an issue in about 3 days now and I am on my computer atleast 10 hours a day. 


    Hope that helps! 



  • brendanlynch Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Stick,


    Whereas I was hoping it was (to an extent) software based, not ten minutes after I had posted my comment did my Mac crash out while using Cubase. So I guess it is a hardware issue with the graphics switching.


    The interesting thing I find about the release of Mavericks is that so many applications that were not switching the graphics card on launch, now are. I can't imagine why because some of these apps have not been updated since Maverickcs was launched, but suddenly they are now using the discreet GPU when they were previously using the integrated GPU under Lion/Mountain Lion.


    The only thing I can do for now is to keep using gfxCardStatus and forcing the apps that I know are problem children to stay in integrated GPU mode.


    Frustrating - but it does help stop the crashes.



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    That's what I thought when one of the local Apple Genuis told me they can't do anything about it except suggesting me to pay 850 usd for a new MLB or just buy a new Retina Macbook Pro!!! ***. This is entirely Apple's manufacturing flaw... days after I sweared at the Apple store, I still keep going back to check out the new Macbook... being as a creative professional, I just can't walk away from Apple...


    I had my 15" macbook pro diagnosed as "MLB failure" after running a VST test when I was in Shanghai, they said my warranty expired and my machine was purchased beyond 3 years so they can't repair under the Apple quality program.... this week I'm scheduling an appointment with a Genius in San Francisco store, let see what the US Genuis will have to say/react!

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    I was rejected "warranty" several times before I called AppleCare's 1800 number as a last resort.  it was a long shot but somehow for whatever reason unknown to me, my case was re-considered.  Actually when I spoke to them at first she told me there's nothing she could do since my lapsed for 2 months.  but somehow i got a call after a few hours informing me that they will fix it.  was so happy to hear that message on my answering machine. (thumbs up!)  2 MLB and 2 trackpads later, i'm using my MBP happily once again.  i hope i won't need a 3rd.

  • ShazMaster Level 1 (0 points)

    Wow, very lucky of you!! Glad that your MBP get sorted - was it free of charge?

    Do you think calling the 1800 number would be more effective than seeing a Genuis at the retail?

    My MBP's screen went black like 3 times yesterday...

  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 (55,325 points)

    In some Apple stores in the US, they have a thing called "flat rate Depot Repair". They send your not-too-old MacBook out to a regional repair Depot with a list of complaints, and it is brought back to good working condition -- whatever that takes -- for a flat fee (typically under US$400).


    There may be many more restrictions on this program that I simply do not understand, but it may be worth asking about.

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    You were absolutely right. So here's the rest of the story of my 15" MBP:


    After 2 diagnosis of logic board failure in Shanghai's Apple store and they were not able to do anything, I took my baby to the main Apple store in San Francisco. The Genius suggested me to send it off for a depot repair with a flat rate $310 (including $100 Apple service fee). Basically Apple sends out-of-warranty MBP to one of their US repair facilities for a complete "bodycheck" with a flat fee. They will test and repair EVERYTHING on the computer without giving you anymore notice (when I demanded a notice if they had to replace my hard-drive since all my files were on there but they said they can't, I had to back up my files before handing my MBP to them). You will receive your computer back within 3-5 days. That's what happened to my baby. I just picked it up from the store yesterday and I'm using it now - so far so good! They only changed my logic board. I paid $328 in total with tax. I guess this is the best solution for my case - I didn't have to buy a new MBP (although the Retina display sounds tempting) or spend over $800 in other countries just to replace a logic board.

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    Trying to cancel message but not sure how...I guess this works. : )

  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 (55,325 points)

    There is no way to "work your way through these discussions", as they are not serviced by Apple employees, only other users like you. There are no standard escalation procedures from here.


    You will not know whether you have this Latent Defect until they can run the VST Test. That will take your making a Genius bar appointment and insisting it be run on the spot, because the standard "loop the diagnostic running all night" test does not find this problem.


    Once you know for sure whether you have the problem described in the recall, you could contact customer service and discuss the situation with them. Many store Managers now seem to be defering to Customer Services decisions.