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Hi, my Macbook Pro has been acting up lately. Icons (such as Twitter pictures) are being displayed as white boxes with a piece of paper inside. (On this paper is a hill and a cloud...?) Also, the last time i opened Twitter, the screen was black with all the words on the left hand of the page expressed as hyperlinks. I am also not able to type things into the url box to search in google like i was able to do two days ago. I recently accidentally "cleared all browsing data" and had to re-type in all of my passwords that were previously saved. Does this have anything to do with the problem? PLEASE HELP!

MacBook Pro
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    Well kinda, but not in the way that you think. What a web browser does is when you browse to a website, it save the resources that makes up menus, tool bars, etc (commonly used elements on a webpage) on your computer so the website doesnt have to load everything, everytime, which speeds up page loading time. you just deleted those files. You didnt break anything. The browser just had to reload Twitter in whole again instead of just using the local stuff.


    Sometimes when websites are under large loads, it can hiccup and mess up sending all the pretty pictures, so you end up with what you saw. refresh the page or delete the data again.


    Hope that made sense.