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needs some advice, tech people   I am new to Time Machine. I purchased my first imac a couple months ago. I was orginally a PC user before now, though Ive always had iphones, ipads etc. Does anyone use Mac's Time Machine Back Up with their External HardDrives? Im contemplating whether I should as I dont save alot on my internal HardDrive on my Mac itself and I dont really want Time Machine to back up everything all the time. I just want it to back up only my important stuff like, videos, photos, media projects that sort of thing (which is primarily on another separate HardDrive.. Can you choose what you want it to back up? Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. I purchased another 2TB drive today as I want to basically make a second back up of another HardDrive so I know its saved in two places.

iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2012)