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My daughters ipod touch. Apps downloaded saying they are installed but are clearly not as no icon on her ipod. HELP!!!

Yep the same app is loaded on her sister ipod no problems??? Both have separate itune accounts.

iPod touch, iOS 6.1
  • lllaass Level 10 (175,795 points)

    - Can you find them using the Spotlight search and the tap on them to use them then you need to rearrange the apps so you can more easily find them

    Syncing and arranging apps from the App Store

    - Are they hidden by Restrictions? Settings>General>Restrictions

    - How are you determining that they are installed?

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    No when you do a search can't find. But when the ipod is hooked up the the PC & you look at her"heripod"  "what's on the ipod" apps, the list on the left hand side where all the apps are, beside those 2 in particular, says "REMOVE" not INSTALL, assuming must be on there,


    My other daughters ipod I hook up, says "her ipod" so it is recognising the different ipods. installs straight away no problems. All set up the same.


    They have lots of games the same bought & free & have has no problems before. Just can't understand it.

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    Check the Restrictions to see if perhaps there's an age limit set that would be blocking those apps.



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    Ok I will check that, but I'm fairly sure both are set up the same way and it's my older girl who can't get these apps!! I will report back how I go

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    THANK YOU so much. It was their restrictions. All sorted!