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Hi! I'd like to use my Canon printer, connected via usb to my iMac, from my girlfriend's HP Windows 7 notebook. I installed the Bonjour Print Services for Windows on it, and enabled the printer sharing on the Mac (running latest Mountain Lion) but it doesn't work... The Bonjour printer wizard shows "no bonjour printers are available". I've tried disabling both Windows and Mac firewalls but it doesn't help.


Both computers are connected to the same Netgear Modem/Router, the Mac is wired ethernet while the HP Notebook is via Wifi. Any hints?



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion
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    I think I found out what is wrong... It's all due to a limitation of my old Netgear DG834GV5 router, something about the ability to multicast between wifi and ethernet. Whatever that means.


    I've tried plugging the cable in the notebook and the printer was right there waiting...


    I hope this helps someone else!