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    My friend got on the iOS 7 Beta 2 and it resolved his battery problems.  So I did the same thing.  Although the Beta 2 is still a bit buggy (the problem I had so far were a single browser crash and my USA Today application crashing, for which I use the web page instead), my battery issues are all gone.  I can keep my phone off the charger all day again and I don't have a problem.

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    Unfortunately, ios7 beta 3 did not fix the battery drain issues I've had since 6.1.3.

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    *** I THINK I HAVE A FIX to the iOS 6.1.4 iphone 5 battery drain problem! ***


    Basically, you have to re-do everything, to get it working properly, due to bug in iOS 6.1.4, but it's WORTH IT, trust me (this is after struggling myself with every possible attempt to fix, and even a replacement phone)  I thought it would be nice for me to share this with the world, in the attempts of helping people with iPhone 5 battery drain problems after switching to iOS 6.1.4


    Ok, so after many different tests, I think I finally figured it out.  It is a bit of a hassle, but it is totally worth it if you want your iPhone 5 to have good battery life.  I think that, yes, there is a bug with the newest iOS 6.1.4  and I do think that Apple should release an update to fix it ASAP, however, here is what I recommend:


    (keep in mind, what I am suggesting is time consuming, but I think it is worth it!


    1)  Plug your iPhone 5 into computer and open iTunes


    2)  Backup everything (including photos and music, etc.)


    3)  Restore your iPhone


    4)  When prompted to Restore from Backup or Set Up as new iPhone, Select "set up as new"  (note this is the only way I have found to completely fix the problem with iOS 6.1.4.  Also, note, you will have to set up everything from new, from scratch)


    5)  Follow the instructions as setting it up as "new iPhone" like you did the day you got it

    ** You may lose some of your photos on your iPhone, but most likely you have them all in your iPhone anyway


    6)  Re-enter your WiFi password (you will need this for the next step)


    7)  Go the the App Store.  Sign in with your Apple ID.  Press "updates" on the lower right hand corner.  Press "purchased" on the top of the screen.  NOW, re-install all your apps from iCloud


    8)  Once, you have all your apps back, I would recommend re-setting up your email accounts.  Go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Accounts> Add all your old email addresses in, one at a time


    9)  Make sure to turn "push" off on all email and set to "fetch"  I recommend Fetch every hour, or every 30 minutes


    10)  You will have to re-set up your email signatures if you have any


    11)  Now, the settings are very important.  One thing I have heard that is eating battery power and should be turned to OFF, especially if you have a GMAIL account, is go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Accounts>select GMAIL account if you have one>turn calendars to OFF; leave all other settings ON 


    12)  In terms of all other settings, I would absolutely recommend going to Settings>Brightness & Wallpaper>turn your briightness way down.  The choice is yours for  Auto-Brightness, althogh it is a nice feature, I think it does use more battery power


    13)  Another good battery saving tip is going to Settings>General>Date & Time>turn "set automatically" to OFF 


    14)  Another thing to save battery power is to go to Settings>General>Cellular>Enable LTE> turn to OFF (unless you really need LTE, I would recommend leaving it off, for now, as I know that LTE eats battery...4G is pretty good for now if they offer it in your area, until they fix the bug with LTE....and of course use WiFi when you are at home (as WiFi is the fastest signal, plus no data charges, plus it is kind on the battery)


    15)  Settings> Bluetooth>turn on OFF unless you are actually using a Bluetooth device


    16)  Settings> Notifications > Go through each of these and only leave those in "the notification center" that you feel are necessary/those that you use, such as Phone badges, alerts and Messages banners, alerts  ETC ETC.  (this is totally up to you, of course, as there is no hard and fast rule as to how to manage this...but basically I would only leave those on that I actually use on a regular basis)


    17)  Settings>Privacy>location Services>leave those on only that you feel that you need/use such as "Find my iPhone (leave ON), Siri leave ON (my recommendation), and also other good things to leave on may be Google Maps and Apple Maps (naviagation programs that do need to use GPS to make the app run)


    18)  I would not recommend installing the Facebook App, because I think it may eat a lot of battery power, and there may be a bug with it constantly running in the background and constantly checking for updates


    19)  Make sure you have a PASSCODE on (the 4 digit lock code)


    20)  Settings>general>Auto-lock>I recommend 1 or 2 minutes (so that in case you turn it off, it will conserve battery power by "Auto locking"


    21)  Settings>iCloud>I would recommend turning Photo Stream to OFF, unless you are really using it


    22)  Setings>iCloud>Find my iPhone, leave ON


    23)  Settings>Facetime>turn to OFF, unless you plan on using it regularly


    That's about it.  Follow these steps and you *should* have better battery life almost immediately!


    Well, I hope so...because it worked for me and I am very happy now!  I know it's a lot to do, but think of all the stuff the iPhone 5 does for you!  It's a masterpiece and a work of art.  I have been using Apple products since 1985 and this is the first major problem I have ever had, but I think I offer a good solution here.  Try it and you will be happy you did.


    I am looking forward to iOS7, obviously, but this *should* fix your battery on iPhone 5 running iOS 6.1.4 for now.


    Hope this helps!



    Best Regards,


    Providence, Rhode Island

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    Excellent review. When iphone 5 first came out, I had huge battery issues and became an expert on all of these topis. The measure of their success was that when this past week or so i started having serious battery problems again, I had forgotten many of these tips!


    This morning my battery ran down from 100% to 31% in 5 hours of minor use that SHOULD have only consumed about 5% of battery life. So something was going on.


    After checking this thread, I went and checked my phone settings and found some startling stuff.

    1. My scree lock WAS set to Never. I can guarantee that i never made this choice. No idea how that came about.

    2. All of my mail settings had been reset to Push and I have 6 accounts. Again, I have never selected Push so that was a bit of a shock.

    3. Some ghost had turned on a bunch of items in Location Services and Notifications as well.


    Anyway, the lesson is that checking this stuff is useful because you never know when and where the gremlins are going to attack your phone.


    Good news:


    I restored my network settings, deleted and reinstalled my Exchange acocunt, turned all email to fetch 30 minutes, truned off a bunch of intended notificaitons and location services, turned some icloud and gmail stuff Off that I don't need synced and now battery life sinces restored to iphone adequate!


    Thanks much forum contributors. These recommendations CAN WORK at least on some phones. I won't go into a rant about what we SHOULD be able to do with our phones since others have done so at length.


    Ho Chi Minh City

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    I think I relayed my FRUSTRATION with my iPhone 5 with OS 6.1.4 a month or more, and several pages of this thread ago.


    I had tried all the things mentioned here (not that I should have had to, I still blame Apple for creating this mess).  I erased and restored multiple times in multiple ways.  I played with settings, deleted apps, killed apps. 


    NOTHING WORKED.  I would go from 100% to 70% in an hour.  The phone would be near dead before noon on a normal day.  I was tethered to the wall like it was some sort of 70's era kitchen wall phone, and not a high-tech wireless device.  I would plug it in every time I sat at my desk.  I found myself turning it completely off if I was out for an extended period just so I would have some battery life later.  I even bought an external battery brick to charge it when I wasn't near a wall socket.  My phone would get inexplicably hot for no reasons. 


    It sucked.


    I did something this morning that is SO STUPID that I'm actually mad that it works.  Going on what someone else said above, I simply changed all my email settings to FETCH instead of PUSH.  That's it.  I have three email accounts sync'ed on my phone, so I did it for all three.


    (Now, as a disclaimer, I have changed lots of other settings that I can't even remember over the past month or two, so I can't say with 100% certainty that it was JUST the fetch vs. push settings.  It could have been a combination).


    It has been 5 1/2 hours since I had my phone last plugged in, and my battery is at 91%.  That's an amazing difference.


    Anyway, I'll keep the group posted, but it looks good so far.


    Good luck!

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    Went to the Genius Bar this afternoon & It was interesting...They wouldn't acknowledge or dispute that it had any connection to their 6.1.4 software update. They ran a diagnostic and said -battery failed- we'll replace it. Thought it was kind of odd that the battery was at 43% when I got it back from being replaced (was maybe 49% when they took it to "change the battery".) But I just looked at my mail settings and PUSH is on? Don't believe I had it that way because like you I turned everything I could find OFF. Anyway new battery or not it appears to be just fine now.

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    Also important is turning off unnecessary syncing within email account settings.

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    Hello, i was have too this problem.

    Last My battery drain with 12 hrs on 85 %, in night 30 %.

    I resetting all settings, then download from wifi all needed programs, and !!! change sim-card.IMG_0129.PNG


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    Mac OS X

    Yes!!! Fixed. This has plagued me since the 6.1.4 update. 1 percent drain every 2.5 minutes with all settings turned down and no applications running. Guess what it was?


    I deleted my gmail exchange account and used ios "gmail" account feature. And it has superior performance, too. Finally!!!

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    refer to this.. might help:)

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    I'm not using an iPhone 5 but I did the following and it helped heaps... So hopefully it works for iPhone 5 as well.


    1) Backup and restore the device after connecting to iTunes

    2) Disabled Safari, Siri, Location Services, Find my iPhone, Bluetooth, Facetime, Push email

    3) Logged out of the Facebook app when I'm not using it - this helps heaps!!

    4) Turned down brightness

    5) Installed Chrome as a replacement for Safari (cue bottles being thrown in my direction... it doesn't do anything in the background when you're not using it!!)

    6) Turning it off immediately after it has been charged to 100% and then disconnecting the charger and turning it back on seems to give it a bit of a boost as well.


    Since doing that I've had no problems with battery... iPhone 4S 64GB running iOS 6.1.4

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    LOL!!! one of the first things this reccoemnds is to always update the ioS when available!   its THAT that caused the battery issue on the iPhone 5!  Still no words from Apple.  its pathetic. I have tested this with friends who also since moving to 6.1.4 have the same isues.  i should be able to use apps, safari and indeed any features of the phone i want to and have the battery life i used to have at IoS 1.4.3 and below.

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    Errr Apple.   HELLO!   Which planet of product specs do you come from when you quote the below on this page:  :



    Maximum Battery Life1 iPhone 5 offers up to 8 hours of talk time on 3G, 8 hours of Internet use on 3G, 10 hours of Internet use on Wi-Fi, 10 hours of video playback, or 40 hours of audio playback on a full charge at original capacity. In addition, iPhone 5 features up to 225 hours of standby time.   REALLY!???  EIGHT hours of Internet usage on 3G   and TEN hours of Internet usage on WiFi.    I think I may just refer this to the Advertising Complaints Board in the UK.  Ive really had enough.  When you buy a product that costs more than a 42" plasma TV these days you expect it to meet your own specification.

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    My iPhone5 was working quite good if I use it rare with rare messaging and few phone calls it was even lasting for 3 days but my regular use was around 1and half day.

    BUT 2 weeks ago all of a sudden started to have battery life only for 3-4 hours even not using it. There was definitely no change of my usage of any notifications, location services, push mail etc. but just started drain battery. Only thing I did was downloading few apps recently. (I deleted those apps and did not install them after restores but didnt help)

    So I started disabling more services and removing apps but didnt help. Reset settings etc but no way out. After all restored my phone 5 times as a new phone (using itunes few times and through wi-fi the rest) installed few apps only but no way all the 5 restoration did not improve anything.

    Last night before taking it from charge turned off wifi and cellular data so no connection could be made from the phone. (bluetooth all the rest was already off). No apps running and no data connection on the phone(left it as a phone for calls and messages only) just standby for whole night and drained the phone to 2% in 8 hours of standby and only 10 minutes of use.So even after restoring it as a new phone and turning nearly everything does NOT help

    I remember the good times that seeing 99% even 100% battery waking up in the morning and wi-fi, cellular, push mails etc was on that time.

    There is definitely something wrong in the IOS that has been triggered by something and cant be turned off. My last 2 weeks was to read many forums and posts and try what have been told around to fix it and tried all off them before writing here. I will try if I see some other things but from my experience it does not look like a user fixable issue. The bug is deep inside the IOS draining the battery and even resets can not help after it is triggered.

    Apple should really come up with a solution to this else iphone5 will not be a mobile phone but more of a fixed phone with limited mobility and need to charge all the time.

    I had only icloud mail with setup and also deleted that mail and icloud but still draining like ****.

    Today I have downloaded and the Carat application from University of Berkeley and hoping to see some results in one week time. But since the battery time is not normal I can not use the phone like normal so limiting all the usage on it and keeping it plugged whenever I find a plug, usb port, car charger etc. Anyway maybe this will help to identify the leak. The link to the project is below:

    Hope this will be fixed soon else I need to thrash this iphone and i will continue until all apple products in my family and friends are replaced...

    Anyway I am in quite bad position in the last 2 weeks and desperately looking for a solution but nothing till now

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    I agree with the battery draining, sometimes when I go to sleep for about 8 hours i leave it fully charged and when I wake up it is at about 85%. When I go to work I also take it fully charged and when I take it out for brake it is also drained to about 90%. By the time my shift is over it is at about 76%. I don't know if it is the apps, but it is annoying. I have already reset it twice and restored it through iTunes and the same thing keeps happening. Apple really needs to fix that on iOS 7 because I sure don't wanna have to keep charging my phone so much. There are also times when the battery doesn't drain at all for a couple of hours, I don't know what's wrong with my iPhone 5 anymore.

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