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  • BoulderSun Level 1 Level 1

    Turned of 3G? You mean all cellular data? Or if on an iPhone 5, you mean just LTE (there's an option for both)? I assume you are on something other than an iPhone 5 and you mean all cellular data. I would expect turning off cellular to help with battery drain in all circumstances because the cellular radios use a lot of the power (when not playing music or watching videos). But then the phone isn't a phone anymore because can receive calls and need Wi-fi for internet data.

  • sbailey4 Level 1 Level 1

    you can  not go back to previous version. But this is a sign of a running app, email account, network setting. You need close all apps then to go to settings>reset>reset network settings. Next try and remove any email accounts, reboot then add them back.  Can try and sign out of iCloud,reboot and sign back in. If that does not help  try a settings>reset>reset all settings and select setup as new when the device reboots. That will keep your apps and data eventhough it says "set up as new".


    Typically the heat is due to some app or email or iCloud hung in a communicating state and running constantly draining battery and generating heat.

    BoulderSun wrote:


    I have an iPhone 5 and have never had battery drain issues until installing the 6.1.4 update. Now, with full LTE bars and Wi-Fi, I am watching the battery drain 1% *every 5 minutes*. And, on top of that, the case is constantly warm likely due to the radios or microprocessors going nuts. I have tried restarting numerous times, but this hasn't fixed the issue for me.  In fact, once when I restarted, most all of my settings were reset which was strange.  Anyone know if there is a way to go back to 6.1.3?

  • Jose C S Leal Level 1 Level 1

    You can disable 3G, but still have all data from 2G (or EDGE = `E`). It is under Settings/General/Cellular.

    The internet connection goes slower, but still very efficient for emails, notifications and such.

  • iiWoodstocK Level 1 Level 1

    iOS 6.1.4 is iPhone 5 only. So he can only have an iPhone 5 if he's on 6.1.4

  • BoulderSun Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks.  I tried all but restoring it to a new phone (which I really hate doing. Grrrr...).  Following your suggestions except for the reset and restore seemed to fix the drain until I received an iMessage then it went off the cliff again and the case is warm.  Or maybe it was Find My Friends.  Or Reeder.  One of those three apps got the battery drain ball rolling again.

  • cmacindy Level 1 Level 1

    Hey guys it's because the iPhone 6 is coming out so this update is designed to make the iPhone 5 start losing batter faster... It's so you buy a new phone... It's not a bug, it's a brilliant way for apple to take your money..

  • sbailey4 Level 1 Level 1

    The settings>reset>reset all settings is different that a restore. It does not load the OS again or wipe anything out. It just resets the settings back to the current iOS defaults and closed down any hung networking connections. All you do there is reboot when prompted, select set up as new and run through the wizard. Then you will be back at your normal  home screen. Of course you have to go back through the settings to turn off and on stuff you don't want or do want. Common areas are systems settings turn all off except cell and compass and traffic. Diag and data set to don't send. Any iCloud services you don't really need (passbook, documents, etc)  This is way less invasive than a restore,setup as new and has been know to resolve this issue in past iOS versions

  • jnbdesigner Level 1 Level 1

    I shouldn't have to that for this premium product. I would gladly wait until the update was tested properly. What is the point of owning an iPhone in a closed system if these things happen? I would expect this from an Android device.

  • sbailey4 Level 1 Level 1

    Well not sure those types of things can be avoided. Typically if a user closes all apps, then reboots, then performs the update its less likely. But when updating an OS with things going on it has the potential of going bad. And you dont HAVE to turn off those items but anything you have running and dont need it just makes no since to keep them going. But certainly you can at the expense of some battery juice. Doesnt mean its broken. For example if Apple diagnostics is sending data up to Apple servers well that takes data and cpu to do so so that comes at a cost. Just the way it is. But sure a user can have every item turned on and run their device full on all the time if they so choose. Anyway the point was if for example say mail was polling just during the update and when somehing changes it keeps trying because it didnt get a response so it contunually tries and tries. Killing that process will take care of it. Anyway just a little info that may help. It has for a lot of folks. Whether you should have to do it or not is sorta of irrelivant. If doing some of this solves the issue then its time well spent IMO.

  • UG64 Level 2 Level 2

    I noticed the problem this morning after charging the phone over night, it was 100% and just about one hour later the phone, playing a saved podcast was at 67%.  Prior to the 6.1.4 update, I could play podcast from anywhere between 8 to 10 hours. 


    What caught my attention was how warm the phone was and I started the app System Status and saw the CPU was at a sustained 100%.  I first shut Google Now off and the CPU dropped to the normal 2% to 10%, but just to be thorough I restarted the phone.


    It seems to be operating normally, but I won't know untill I start Google Now again, which ran fine with the previous version of iOS.  First I want to see if the phone will go all day with out Google Now's location services running and if it does, I have to see if Google Now will run all day.  It could just be a coincidence that switching Google Now off and the CPU dropped from 100%. 


    I've seen this phone run for 16 hours and still have 30% left on the battery.  On very heavy use days I've see the phone burn through the battery in about 8 hours, but to burn through 33% of the battery in less than an hour is extraordinary.


    I'm hoping the restart did the trick.

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    I'm having exactly the same problem.  Battery life has tanked since installing 6.1.4.  I can no longer make it through a single day on ordinary use...that NEVER happened in the old versions.

  • foxberg Level 1 Level 1

    Well, it looks like I found the solution, at least for my situation. When I originally set up iPhone 5 from a back up of iPhone 4 not all the settings got transferred. Specifically, General->Auto-Lock was set to Never. Setting it to 1 minute fixed my battery drainage problem.

  • merman01 Level 1 Level 1

    Well, not sure about this, but it appears I'm back to normal. It's 10:30 at night and I'm still at 45%. Started the day off the charger at 5:30 this morning. (And i streamed Pandora for and hour and a half while cutting grass this evening) All I did was go into Settings, Privacy, Location Services... Scroll down to the bottom... System Services, and turned off Diagnostics & Usage, Genius for Apps and Location-Based iAds. Can Apple make changes to the ios without me knowing about it?

  • foxberg Level 1 Level 1

    I forgot to say that LTE is on and virtually everything in my Location Services is also on.

  • UG64 Level 2 Level 2

    Just to let everyone know, that restarting my phone resolved the problem for me.

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