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  • margo_y Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you! At least that's one mystery solved. I lost 50% battery in two hours with only Notes on in the background.

  • margo_y Level 1 Level 1

    I think I've figured it out. and perhaps it was mentioned somewhere already and I missed it:

    Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Fetch New Data> ensure Push is turned off and it is using Fetch for scheduling. My phone has been sitting at 77% now for over an hour!! I hope this helps others.

  • icyberworld Level 1 Level 1

    since i updated to iOS 6.1.4 the battery drain very fast. Even i play song before have 30% after few songs my battery left 23%. I hope this problem will solve as soon as possible. We are waiting for the next update

  • mac.55 Level 1 Level 1

    I can confirm margo_y's proposed fix: after disabling push notifications on the Calendar, my iPhone 5 running 6.1.4 finally stopped burning through the battery.  Seems to be back to "normal" battery drain pattern now, so something our friends at Apple did with 6.1.4 related to Calendar notifications really went sideways.  I hope someone from Apple is paying attention here ...


    One thing to note is that margo_y was seeing this behavior on 6.1.3 with a 4S phone, while I did not see this until 6.1.4 on my iPhone 5.  As such this may be an issue of timing, more than OS version: ie, it may be driven by something Apple did in the iCloud realm.  The push notifications linked to the iCloud Calendar might be the real issue here ...


    Nice catch margo_y ...

  • ricardo.correa Level 1 Level 1

    I haven't read the whole thread here, but I am wondering if someone else had, along with the battery drain issue, the auto-lock bug, that does not give the option to keep the screen on "forever", and the passcode which does not allow you to turn it off, and it has the setting to "erase content after 8 failed attempts" (in my case at least).

    I wonder what else is going on wrong with this iOS 6.1.4.


    Did anyone have this issue? I have erased my phone hundreds of times, have been to apple store a million times, even got a new phone, and the issue just comes back! Does anyone have a solution for these problems, or at least an explanation?



  • DuncanF Level 1 Level 1

    I backed up my phone, reset it and then restored from the backup and it's back to normal now

  • inventme Level 1 Level 1

    It appears to be the same battery drain issue we saw on iOS 6.1. For us, the solution was to remove our Exchange (or gmail or whatever email account you have syncing to your phone) account on the iPhone and then add it again to the phone. I had the same battery drain issue on 6.1 and this was the fix. The symptoms showed up again for me on iOS 6.1.4 this week. I followed the same procedure and the battery drain issue went away. No need to reset and restore the phone. Good luck!

  • Arti4s Level 1 Level 1

    for me ios 6.1.4 works perfectly

    my battery is very good with this version

  • brownbear324 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm so glad I found postings from other users experiencing battery power drainage after updating to 6.1.4. I've read many of these responses of how to prolong the battery life but these are clearly workarounds and not solutions to the problem.


    Such as closing all apps running in the background (which is what I've tried), or making sure to close the Facebook App & FB Messenger app. Why should we have to close ANY of these or change any of our normal routine when we did NOT have this problem before 6.1.4.???  It's very clear the 6.1.4. update is the issue since many of us use our iPhones the same way we always did BEFORE the update.


    Apple needs to release an update that fixes this battery drainage since this is the first update of the iOS 6 version series that has experienced a battery draingage.

  • tghouri Level 1 Level 1

    I TOTALLY agree with brownbear324.  I work in mobile communications and have done since the early days. I had one of the very first apple phones and ipads and continue to buy them personally and deployed them in my business. HOWEVER-   My iPhone 5 with normal business and social media interaction worked fine with good battery life on 6.1.3 and any version before that. In fact, I applauded it.   Last Thursday I upgraded it to 6.1.4 after seeing it was described as a minor change (adding french to someting if i remember) and IMMEDIATLEY that day saw a massive drain to the point where (with the same usage) it was dead by 2pm. 


    All the tips for turning things off and closing apps etc are totally irellevant  - you SHOULD be able to use these as normal (but i do understand people trying to find a temporary fix while we wait...and wait ...and wait.  This thread has been going on for over a month and still nothing from Apple.  


    Let us not forget this issue has been caused by Apple and Apple should fix it rather than us.  The quality of apple product is sliding the wrong direction and i hate to say it but its since Steve Jobs sadly left us.  It seems the focus on quality is not what it was, nor is the end user experience and nor is the communication to a large amount of unhappy users. 


    When there was little choice people put up with issues like this. 


    Apple - you are becoming arrogant and Now there are just as good, if not superior, products available and unless you pull your socks up loyal and high spend customers like me will vote with their feet.  


    Another example of arrogance and control is the way lightning adaptors were "secured" so they couldnt be copied without license (money!).  Thanks - that killed any chance of me getting an iPhone 5 docking station for my alarm clock as all the device manufacturers voted with their feet.  Now the apple "eco-system" is not around I wonder why i should buy any more Apple product.  Strategy is wrong, service is wrong, communication is wrong.


    Yours Sincerely,

    A loyal high spend customer who hopes someone replies from apple and fixes this issue within DAYS not weeks or that money will be going elsewhere.

  • mac.55 Level 1 Level 1

    Could not agree more ...

  • vbuen323 Level 1 Level 1

    Do you have any mail accounts synced through your itunes? Do you have automatic diagnostic usage on? This might be the culprit. I had the same issue, reset my network settings, erased my phone like new, and erased all my email accounts. I had my email accounts synced through iTunes, I don't know if that's the issue but automatically sending diagnostic data to Apple might be an issue. I noticed that location services is constantly running on my status bar. You might want to just try like I did with process of elimination. Apple should have a fix soon or just wait for iOS7, that's a beauty!

  • vbuen323 Level 1 Level 1

    you know so much about mobile communications but you don't know about programming. Quit whining and be patient, there should be a fix soon. There's OBVIOUSLY a bug of some sort. Reset everything and start from scratch. That's what I did and it works fine. There's probably a synchronization issue that is draining the battery through data usage.

  • tghouri Level 1 Level 1

    A. I SHOULDNT HAVE TO  but....

    B. I HAVE and it still didnt work.  I did everything possible (4 hours of my life i wont get back) before posting and "whining" as you put it.    I spent £250k a year with apple so excuse me for feeling rather annoyed that my staff have to pretty much keep their devices plugged in all day.


    The telecomms business I own is actually software so i do know about programming. I also know about testing, customer satisfaction and fixing things quickly. Apple do none of these anymore.

  • tghouri Level 1 Level 1

    oh and iOS 7 does look amazing...i just dont want to wait until the Autumn to fix their issue.

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