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I am using the calendar app with my company's google apps account.  I've configured my account to share a number of my co-workers, per these instructions (https://support.google.com/calendar/answer/151674?hl=en&ref_topic=13950).  Everything is configured correctly:  I see the calendars in my iphone calendar app and can select or deselect them.  Unfortunately, after a while, some calendars will become randomly selected, and I get my co-workers calendar notifications, etc.  I'm using the same calendar account on my desktop, iPad and iPhone.  I've verified that none of the devices have these randomly checked co-worker calendars selected.


Has anyone seen this behaviour before and know the fix?



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    I used to get notifications about coworkers meetings as well, but those were on meetings that I had scheduled for them in Google Calendar - even though I was not in the meeting, the fact I scheduled it somehow triggered it as notifying me once it got synced into the Apple Calendar.


    I'm having another similar problem, without a fix. Even if I hide a coworker's Google calendar in the Calendar app, it still shows up when I ask Siri to retrieve my schedule. It only shows up in Siri's view of my calendar, but not the Calendar app. But if I click on one of the coworker's entries in the Siri display, it takes me to Calendar with the coworker schedule unhidden.