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I hope that anybody can help me... I started playing clash of clans with the iPad and synced it with game center. Then I started another clash of clans game on the iPhone and didn`t sync it. So I played with two parallel games. The problem is that the progress of the iPad game is saved on game center... I don`t want that anymore though. I would like to sync the progress of the iPhone game with game center and don`t know why.


I have deleted clash of clans from game center a few times now...but when I play with the iPhone it still asks me if I want to use the saved progress from the iPad.


Can anybody help?

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.4
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    I happen to be trying to sync Clash of Clans across my devices & have been pouring over forums looking for an answer, unfortunately, from what I can determine, it doesn't have this feature.


    Seems so intuitive it would be automatic. Lame, huh?

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    I created three separate Game Center IDs. I have three separate CoC accounts / villages.


    You can create as many Game Center IDs as you want.


    CoC is the only Game Center game I play. Might not be an ideal solution if you play several different games.

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    I think that the larger problem is with SuperCell.


    I gave my old iPhone to my son but didn't log out of Game Center before I did.  He started playing Clash of Clans on my Game Center account.  On the phone, I logged out of my Game Center account and created one for him.  While he didn't lose the game/village he was playing, I cannot create a new game/village on my phone.

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    I'm currently in the same situation. I have a help ticket open with SuperCell right now about it.. But I entered it back on Feb. 11th and I've not heard a peep from them since. I check the ticket and it says that it is still open.


    However, other forums that I've looked at on the internets say that this is a hopeless endeavour.


    I've put in 2 more responses on my ticket through them to try and see if I could get ANY kind of word from them.. still nothing.


    I'll most certainly share if any information comes my way.

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    I Have this exact problem.  On the phone with apple today for over an hour and no one know ps how to fix this glitch. So frustrating.